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  1. So, I just changed my setup around a lil bit.

    I'm only running like 2-3 clones at once, so I made my desk into a small grow box for my little guys, and I actually have enough room in there to grow them fully through Veg, and then toss em in my other box for flowering

    anyways, I need ventilation BAD for this little cabinet, and I've been checking out PC fans. Theyre super cheap and that perfect small size for this small cabinet.

    my problem is, most, if not all pc fans come with 3 pin connectors...

    how can I make that just plug into a regular socket?.. Or better off, could I wire together multiple PC fans to plug into one socket?..

    also, I found this http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=SLOTFAN&cat=FAN

    which looks pretty promising, because it would be easy to install.
    think it would work?

    thanks guys : D
  2. bumppppppp
  3. lol, sorry to be so blunt..

    but that doesnt answer my question in the least..

    i have access to plenty of pc fans for cheap, im just wondering about the wiring.
  4. I have that exact one and it works great. For wiring. Just get a 9v or 12v adapter (depending on what volt the van is and cut the wire along with cutting the fan wires and just connect them and wrap them with some eletrical tape. Its simple and cheap.
  5. Your gonna need a DC power supply which you plug into the wall and it changes voltage to dc. You could use a pc power supply of i have heard of people using phone chargers and other things. You could even get a fan speed controller for a pc and wire it to control the speed but with PC power supply you have 2 voltages you can use 12V and 5V to change the speed. Yellow wire is 12V Red wire is 5V and black is ground connect to power supply accordingly.
  6. where would I get one of these adaptors?
  7. radio shack sells them. or you could use one from an old piece of electronics you have laying around. its the same plug you would use to charge your cell phone in the wall, only a cell phone charger wont have enough voltage. they are usually 3-5 volts. you need 9-12 volts. modems, routers, and scanners are some things that use that voltage. it shouldnt be too hard to find one. just look at the part that plugs into the wall. it should have the voltage on it. :smoking:
  8. You want a simple solution just take a old mobile charger chop the connector off, and wire the red to red black to black, duct tape and your done
  9. Many of the good PC fans are variable speed control, but I've just found that they don't always do what you want them to... I have a 92mm .68 amp axial PC fan that pushes 70CFM on high speed, but when I power the red and ground the black wires to a 12v source, it's default speed is on low. Would powering the other wire rather than the red wire fix that? Or do I need a 5V to the yellow as well as a 12v to red? I've got a PC fan thread right here, just trying to figure it all out! Good luck to you!

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