PC fan + carbon filter question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by h2oplayer, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, first post on the forum, long time lurker :p anyway, I'm looking into a PC case, it's got a total of like 2Cubic feet, and I have a PC fan that pulls 70CFM, however, I feel like it's not really pulling enough with a added inch of activated carbon, if anyone has an opinion to throw in here as to whether or not this will work, it would be much appreciated, because right now as it stands odor control is a must! and I need to make sure that this will do the job and not find out half way through that my room smells dank haha. Anyway, if you need more specs, feel free to ask :D peace.
  2. activated carbon should work could get a more powerful fan (antec coolermaster) as soon as u smell dank change the carbon it can also be reactivated
  3. Look at it like this:

    You have about 2 cf of space and a fan that is rated to move 70 cf a min. Even if the flow is cut in half that would be 35 cf a min. That would mean the air would be completely exchanged a little over 17 times every min.!

    I think you are more than fine.
  4. Thanks for the response Marsdude, I guess I am being a little bit more paranoid then what I should be for what I have :p If anything I'll just upgrade to a 100CFM or 2x 70 haha, thanks again.
  5. Well, you are certainly worrying about the right things. But seriously, you will have an air exchange that is higher than most recommendations I have seen.

    Good luck on your grow. Let us know how you are doing.

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