Pc Cfl Sog/scrog Stealth Grow (First)

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  1. Hey what's up everyone! I'm Dankledore the weed growing wizard, checkin' in on my first grow ever!
    Grow Space - Stealth PC box 16"x27"x7" (interior space)
    Lights - 4/5 23w CFL 6500k (veg), 4/5 23 w CFL 2700k (flower)
    Ventilation - 1 intake pc fan, 1 4" desk top fan (air flow/heat control), 2 pc exhaust fans
    Grow Medium - all purpose organic starter mix combined with some wood shavings, wood ash and native top soil rich in organic matter
    Genetics - bagseeds I picked up in CO of strains such as Purple Kush, Flo, Ultra L.A. Confidential and Jilly Bean
    Containers - started in solo cups will be finishing with recycled bottles (Gatorade, Simply Orange and Coke) 6.5" tall
    Nutes - Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big
    Giving me a total budding space of 15"-17"x16"x7" and a total lumens of 6,400-8,000
    Okay, now that I have all that out of the way let's get down to the fun stuff! I actually started these 4/26 at 1 a.m. So I am currently rounding out day 16 I've been documenting most of my progress with photo's (got a nice DSLR for Christmas XD) as well as writing most of my water/nute regimen but only just now learned how to post so I'll get the pics rolling and a spliff!
    I sewed 8 seeds that night, only 7 of which sprouted after 4 days. The reason I started with so many was to anticipate thing such as a non-sprout (which happened) and the male female ratio being 50/50 but I can accommodate 7 sexy ladies if need be in an SOG set up or if I only end up with 1 I can ScrOG I plan on experimenting with LST, topping, FIM, lollipopping and HST. I've since named them all after various Pokémon "Lapras" the one whom was having the most vigorous growth has been transplanted into the bottom half of a large container of Simply Orange - High Pulp; because it's high, I'm high, we're all high, high five!
    Close up of the PC day 11
    Full view day 11
    Heat was getting bad up to the 100's at times so I added the 4" fan on day 12
    "Lapras" day 12
    "Spoink" day 12
    "Unknown" day 12
    "Meowth" day 12
    "Ditto" day 12
    "Psyduck" day 12
    "Slowking" day 12
    Had to go into town 45mins away for the weekend watered em' good and adjusted lights as necessary. Other than coming hoem to some parched plants which was expected they did just fine. Heat was back up to the 100's however. I think this is because I put the carbon scrubber on before I left to cover the light leak incase anyone decided to snoop.
    Once again made adjustments.
    Temp. is back to the low 80's not ideal but as low as I can it. Was thinking of transplanting the rest into their final homes soon so I can raise the lights and fan, add that 5th bulb again and hopefully having the pots level with the intake and outtake will get the temps lower as well. Anyways here's the gang as of now.
    Lapras day 16
    Spoink day 16
    Meowth day 16
    Unknown day 16 got a little wonkey while I was away.
    Psyduck day 16 is looking like one of the strongest so far and tallest only 1.5" but almost 4 nodes!
    Ditto day 16
    Slowking day 16 was looking a little nute deprived when I got back but that should be taken care of I started everone on 1/3 strength Big Bloom and 1/4 strength Grow Big.
    I went real weak on the nutes this watering because even though Slowking seems deprived some of the others got slight nute burns before I left I fed them and wasn't sure if 1/2 strength Bloom would be okay so I kept a close eye on them and at the first sign of burns did a mild flush and if they didn't seem bothered I let them be.

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  2. Looking good man!
    I'll be subbin' in to check out your grow. Have always been wanting to try the L.A. Confidential.
    Excited to see how that scrog comes along in the PC case!
  3. Thanks man! I need to figure out how to post more pictures I've done some topping, fiming, trimming and lst. Can't get the heat under control though I'm gonna try switching the lights to run at night so I can have the cab open to help ventilation.
  4. Alright it's been a long time coming! I figured out how to post pictures and am ready for another update! So I had 7 plants due to deciding to veg longer I had to move 4 of them outside to the woods... where upon a raccoon must have found them because only one of the 4 is still alive the other 3 where plucked or otherwise killed my reasoning for thinking it's a 'coon not a person is the 4th is still alive but the container has been mildly dug out by some tiny hands (which raccoons have) and they're just general assholes....
    Now that's out of the way onto the lone 3 indoors; Lapras, Psyduck and Unknown. These 3 where carefully selected for their rate of growth - Lapras, density - Psduck and Sativa traits- Unknown you'll see what I mean soon. I seem to be good at picking too because I'm two weeks into flower and both Lapras & Psyduck are female, woot woot! Unknown hasn't shown still and I took a clone from Lapras last night when I gave her a final trim and have that lil' girl going in a separate box under 13w cfl 24/0.
    Okay picture time!
    All together from left to right (Lapras, Psyduck & Unknown) Day 38 (8 days flowering)
    DSC_0022 (3).JPG
    Lapras day 38 (8 days flowering)
    DSC_0017 (3).JPG
    Psyduck day 38 (8days flowering)
    DSC_0024 (3).JPG
    Unknown day 38 (8 days flowering)
    DSC_0026 (3).JPG
    Lapras day 46 (16 days flowering)
    Psyduck day 46 (16 days flowering)
    Unknown day 46 (16 days flowering)
    DSC_0018 (4).JPG
    Lapras' clone day 1
    from what I know I'd say that Lapras is a nice hybrid leaning slightly towards Indica seeing as her leaves aren't quite Sativa she was as before mentioned first to pop as well as fastest growing. Psyduck is definitely Indica this may be some of the L.A. Confidential as the beans where all random from a buddy whom got them from L.A.C. bag Purple Kush bag Jilly Bean bag and a few others. Psyduck seems to fit the bill though really short, dense plant w/ broader foliage. Unknown is looking real Sativa due to the lankyness (which has been there all throughout it's life not just post flowering), has super long foliage and is taking longer to show sex; possibly a P.K. bean? I'm actually kind of hoping that  whatever Unknown is it turns out male as I would like to do a single branch pollination on Lapras to not only increase my bean count but to also add some Sativa traits to her as I already have a clone to make a mother might as well give it a shot eh!?
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  5. looking very nice and healthy :)
    congratz on the females!
  6. The results are in and as of this morning my 3rd plant has shown sex and I'm happy to tell everyone it's a girl!

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  7. Checking in on day 28 of flower and day 58 overall. All 3 of the ladies are doing very well and so is my clone. I've been able to determine that "Lapras" is JillyBean now that I can smell her there's no way I could forget that all to familiar smell! This is actually great news as that was one of the best buds in town when I visited and I took a clone of her XD! Anyways 'nough talk here are the girls!
    "Lapras" JillyBean
    JillyBean Clone day 13
    The clone is doing far better than I expected she never once wilted and has roots down to the bottom of her container! I plan on waiting as long as possible before transplanting her into a larger pot as I will be moving sometime in the relatively near future (post harvest of course) and would like to be able to take her with in order to avoid starting from scratch so to speak and the easiest way to do that is keep her super small and easy to hide!
    On another good note I received more beans yesterday I'm not sure as to there viability as they are a few years old and where stored in less than ideal conditions but I have been wanting these great local genetics for a while and will be getting more of them soon! Long story short a few years back I found a patch of wild growing and took several branches off the dominant female for beans ended up with a few thousand of them but they got confiscated shortly after and I thought I had lost her forever! But I remembered I couldn't get the damn things to stay on the braches when I was moving them in the attic of my moms garage went back and found 8 in no time at all then had to dart but I know more are there and will be collecting them soon! 
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  8. like the set up man
  9. Thanks man appreciate it! I'll do a couple updates after this weekend. Gotta go out of town Thurs - Sun so we'll see how well they fair.
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  10. Is that prom pcgrow.com?

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  11. Looking good man! I have just started a cfl grow box as well, I have had troubles with my temperature its sitting around 32c I am working on getting temps down, love your setup though bro! Here's a couple pics of my setup

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