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  1. i just got an empty pc case and am taking it apart but i cant get the shelves that hold the drivers out. they have a weird screw in that it looks like a allen screw but doesnt fit it because there are no grooves in it. so how do i get these out because i saw other peoples who are completely empty,
  2. if your positive its a screw... use a dremel and cut a groove for a flat head and back them out
  3. I just took a case apart today. They're not screws they are rivets. Just use a drill bet to punch them out.
  4. ya ive punched thru them with an allen key but still cant get them apart, its like there is something else holding them in or they are taped.
  5. rivets or tiny spot welds or something
  6. There was quite a few that I had to punch out to get mine apart. At first I thought after punching out the rivets from the front would get just the cd-rom racks off but they ended up being attached to the back plate that the mother board would sit on. Thus having to remove the rivets from the back panel, bottom of case, as well as the edges around the case.

    Look all over your case. You could be missing a couple. I ended up having to use a hammer with a slight tap to break some parts free. What case are you using?
  7. ya there rivits.

    i dont think im doing it right because im just punching thru them with my allen key. but im going to get my dremmel sometime soon and hopefully drill them out. i dont know what kind of case it is i just got it from a computer store.
  8. pictures? I didn't do it right the first time either. The drill bit I used at first just put a hole through the center of the rivet. After using a bigger bit, one just a hair smaller than the rivet itself, was I able to actually pull the whole rivet off.

    Once you figure it out you'll be smacking yourself in the head like duhhhh lol. thats what happened to me.
  9. just use a metal bit around the same size as the hole and drill out the rivets. I did this to my PC case and it worked like a charm :)

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