pc cabinet microgrow. *side project*

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ballastatus, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. My daily-use computer desk/entertainment center has a side cabinet that is 12"wide X 18"long X 26"tall. I want to turn it into a flowering chamber for my tiny pc microgrow that I have going.(Will include link later to journal of current microgrow.)

    Anyways, I have a Blackstar240 that is just sitting around. I'd like to put that inside the cabinet with a few CFL's. Tomorrow I will try and post a drawing of my ideas so far.

    Feel free to share your ideas!!
  2. Well, no replies so far... Guess I need to show everyone what I am talking about exactly. Never got around to posting a drawing or anything.

    Instead, I am going to just empty out the space and begin a new build and post pics. Have a feeling that it will turn out fairly well. I'm having some doubts about the blackstar240 working in such a small space but I think if I have enough exhaust that the temps will stay below 85.

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