Pc Bubbleponics. Please Help

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  1. Hi all,
    this is a mates setup and his running into a few issues with the tips dying off and brown spots. 
    Light: 36w led grow light bulb
    PH: 5.8 (distilled water)
    ppm: 230
    Nutrients: 1/4 strength Lucas formula; 0.8ml GH micro, 1.6ml GH bloom in 2.5L reservoir 
    Temperature inside box: 24-26
    18/6 cycle
    The first 2 pics is a bagseed approx 3 weeks old and the last pic is a THC bomb which is 1 week old. As you can see the leaves are browning and yellowing. 
    The new growth of the thc bomb is purpling as well however this could of been an issue with the res being too cold.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Get Mn into the nute regimen and symptoms will improve on new growth but brown will remain on the leafs effected. Minor deficit but Mn is needed in misuscule amounts.
  3. Mn = manganese right ?
    To correct that I just need to adjust ph ?

    It's strange though, I can understand Mn deficiency in the bag seed baby because ph was over 7. But with the bomb the ph has always been 5.8.

    Being only a week old as well could it be nute burn ?
  4. Check that 2.5 litre rez.....? thats 2500ml/600ml = ....4 pints  even for one plant is way to small for my liking
    Yea, your probably right on the bomb.
    To correct Mn, make sure your nutes have it, look on the label, if not purchase some nutes that have Mn in chelated form.

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