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  1. I have put together a pc grow box that I will use as my mother box. I plan on lst-ing and cropping the hell out of the two mothers I will have in there. I orderd South African Kwazulu(World of seeds) and one Ice cream(Paradise seeds) from the single seed center on 05/20. We shall see how long it takes for the seeds to get here.

    The pc box itself will use cfls, a total of 134 actual watts and it has two small desk top fans for exhaust. Temps stay around 88F. I know that a bit high so I will be ordering some 80cfm computer fans in the near future.

    Pictures soon to come.
  2. just got a confirmation email saying that the seeds were shipped put today. Lets see how long it takes them to get here.
  3. Pictures of the box

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  4. got the seeds today, ill be planting them in a moment.
  5. im doing a pc grow box myself man:) i got my beans the other day, im goin with a lowryder #2 and getting some diesel ryders here shortly:D subscribed!
  6. I check the box when i woke up this morning and both seedlings are starting to come up. As soon as they open all of the way I will post some pics.

    Also, thanks for the subscription tokin
  7. hey man. Ive never done a pc grow, but from what i've seen normally the entire pc space is removed, including the cage at the front of the pc case to give you as much room as possible. Youre gonna run out of space real quick in there.
  8. thats why I am going the bonsai route. You can keep a marijuana plan as short as two inches in bonsai. There is a thread on another fourm where a guy lets his plant grow to about four or five inches and then he tops it for a clone down to about two inches and he has no problem keeping his mothers alive. I dont plan on going that extreme but the plants will be prunned and lst'ed as much as possible. And if I do run out of space i have another pc box that has more space. Never hurts to have a back up plan. :)
  9. Nice little setup u got there mate.
  10. wow. Do you have a link to that bonsai grower? I'm defo pullin up a chair for this one. I'm VERY interested in growing bonsai mothers. Keep the updates comin dude!

    Fat E
  11. here are a few pics of the girls. The first two are the ice cream and the second two are the kwazulu. One pic was taken last night the other this morning.

    The kwazulu has is stretching a bit. It might be the amount of light or maybe its just exhibiting its sativa dominant nature.

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    update. first pic is Ice cream second is kwazulu

    Im still a bit worried about the stretch in the kwazulu....:confused:

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  13. my girls are doing well. I started to give them a very light dose of some generic plant food I found at the local hardware store. As they get bigger I will up the dosage. The kwazulu has stopped its stretching and is looking fine.
  14. updates!!!
    yall should be able to figure out which is which by the pics.

    when do you guys think I will be able to take cuttings without stressing the plant to much

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  15. Very cool. I want to design something similar for a friend of mine
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    just looked at my plants this morning and found something interesting. The edges of some of the leaves on the kwazulu are turning brown.

    Also, the underside of the leaves on the ice cream is turning purple, so are some of the stems.

    Are these nute problems? The ratio of the stuff im using is 8-7-6
  17. wow, nobody has replied to my earlier questions...oh well...its update time!!!!! with 4 new photos!!!! you know the drill first ones are the ice cream second ones the kwazulu.

    The ice cream is looking nice and bushy, I just started lsting the main stem.

    As you can see the kwazulu is being bent and twisted to the max, other shoots are coming up quickly and I plan on cutting them for clones shortly.

    Both of the mothers are living up to there genes.

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  18. sadly, due to a random shirt falling in my closet covering my ventilation fan while a guest was at my house cause the temps to rise so high that it baked my two mothers. I am slightly devastated by this loss. Both of the mothers were doing so great. Oh well Ill just have to start again. I am actually in the process of building a box that will house a flowering chamber, a mother chamber and a clone chamber. Hopefully it will work out.

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