Pc- apex or overwatch, anyone?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by pinksocks, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. see title
  2. I've never played any PC games I don't think. What are these about?

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  3. The sweat is real in both of these games. I’d pick apex tho
  4. apex all day

  5. its a battle royal

    teams of three, 20 teams, 60 people total.

    you play on xbox right?

    its a free game on every platform
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  6. Yea lol we have a lot of the systems here tbh...even really old ones. Ill have to check this out sometime. Thanks for the info JKill.

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  7. Overwatch, i dont like how many rounds you have to put into someone in apex, but then again im not the most accurate in either game.

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  8. overwatch is filled with nothing but 13 year olds. can't stand that game haha,

    yeah the damage in apex takes some getting used to for sure. especially if your used to playing something like CoD.
  9. You are so right with it being filled with 13 year olds haha instant mute, but gives the disadvantage of no team communication

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  10. overwatch ranked has been solid the last couple days since role queue beta started. tbh i didnt think it would make any difference, but it's definitely a better experience.
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  11. Apex.
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