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PB n Fluff edible? Quick!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by finalshade15, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey whats up city,

    Im at home, high on some trainwreck #2 and im the mood to actually do an edible. the only thing is, ill be downstairs cooking near my mom so cooking weed might be a problem. :(

    I was wondering if i could just put the grinded bud on the pb and let it sit for a while. Thenbake it just a small amount, would it work? also would the fluff mess anything up?

  2. Dunk the firecracker in the fluff after

    You gotta cook it but you won't get caught if you stir in the weed with the PB and wrap it super tight with Aluminum foil cook at 325 for 25 min...mske some food as the firecracker is cooking it will neutralize the odor and if you get worried get a Pan hot, throw some oil and. Bring it to smoke point a d turn off the heat...

    Source: live at home in med school and do it nearly every night
  3. I also should mention im going to try doing this on bread. would it work?
  4. no dont use bread
  5. crackers suck and barely work. If you were to cook it there will be no smell

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