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Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ShockeD, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Do any of your dealers accept PayPal? My guy was telling me about how he was considering it.. so I got excited and made a thread. Lol.
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    id rather just pay with cash lol
  3. I would need to see the bud first and then do it via my cell phone, otherwise it would be a no go.
  4. There's an android app called "square" or square up" that allows you to accept credit cards via your phone. If you link a bank account they send you a free card reader. Costs 2.5% of the transaction. I have it, and have used it a good bit, (not for selling drugs), and it works great. It also totally amazes people when I plug the card reader into my phone to swipe the card.
  5. obviously you dealer is new.

    why would would want all those transaction records?
  6. It'd be okay under certain circumstances. For example, that person using Paypal a whole lot, possibly dealing with ebay a great deal, etc. etc--it might not be a problem.

    But, yeah--paper records aren't that great of a thing lol
  7. that shit sounds bad ass lol =)
  8. It is quite bad ass. The little card reader they send looks pimp as hell to. It's just a shiny little white cube w/ a slit in it and it plugs into the headphone jack of my phone. I dunno how the fuck it charges a credit card through my headphone jack, but it does. Go figure.
  9. Extremely terrible from the dealers end not because of the records but because the person can buy the bud with paypal then file a claim saying item not received after 2 weeks they will give the person a refund what will he tell paypal I sold him the bud paypal is great if your shipping stuff then you can provide tracking information and have proof of selling an item.
  10. I guess the paypal thing would be a convenience, like it you got some from your roommate and you both had paypal, and instead of going to the atm, you just agreed to transfer it over. But giving credit card, or banking info of any kind in any form to like a "dealer" type of dude could have potentially hazardous results.

    This thing is like something you'd hardly ever use, but when you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you're having to move money around it could be a lifesaver.

    just google square and check it out.
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    You would be sending the money as a gift rather than adding "weed" to your shopping cart and checking it out.

    I hope that wasn't too obvious.
  12. why the fuck would anyone do this
  13. Because some people have bank accounts and don't keep all their assets in cash?

  14. Convenience.
  15. i have done something like this haha, had most of my spending money in paypal, and its either pay a buddy with pp who has money in paypal for the same thing (BM) or wait 5 days for it to transfer to my bank then go to the atm. could be a convenience with a friend but i would take it any further than that

  16. You sound ignorant.
  17. intentionally create a paper trail :rolleyes: what could go wrong there. as long as EVERY PARTY has active accounts it would be fine. they might phone you to verify what your selling.
  18. Man, if the DEA is investigating you enough to find that you have paper trails, you're fucked enough as it is. If the DEA knows your name you're doing it wrong, but in general they have no reason to question the activity of some random paypal accounts

    I guess basically what i'm saying is, so called "paper trails" will only be called in as evidence, if you get to that point, my heart goes out to you
  19. see on one hand if you buy mass amounts of drugs then this might be used against you for trafficking or something and you would be stupid to leave trails like that, otherwise i dont think they'll do anything against you really, not for a couple grams and certainly not for buying a couple grams. BUT if the police were to come across this information i'm positive they wont just throw it away, they'll most likely keep it- why throw away information about who is buying drugs in a nation so against them? it is a information war after all, the basic rule of thumb goes that he who hold the most info wins.

    as to what they will do with that info I dont know, I cant think of anything besides just make a note on your record, so maybe when you get pulled over the cops check it out and see that you've bought in the past and could not only use this info against you then but use it later on if you get busted. however i'm not too sure about what info they get when they put your license plate in them fancy computers so that could be just be plain stupid. they could just have it and do absolutely nothing with it and it'll just lay there gathering dust for eons.

    either way i'm not comfortable with that so there i aint using it.
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