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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoner666, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. my dealer just told me that i had the oportunity to buy some stuff called payota that is supposed to be a different type of mescaline at $15 a tab and was wondering if anyone can tell me what the high is like and if its worth it
  2. is it any good whats the high like
  3. dizzying high . . .puketastic. . . . Bad headache. . . . crazy open eyed vissuals....
  4. is the price good though(canadian)
  5. ive heard its really good, i think its worth it, ive never tried it, but its only $15 bucks, go for it, the worst thing that can happen is thats its ok and just dont buy it again, but for 15 i think it would be worth it
  6. i get one tab free and then if its good ill buy a lot of it because the guy whos selling it to me said its really rare to get some
  7. ya, ive heard its really hard to get, not too many round here have ever had any... but5 im going to try it as soon as i can get my hands on it
  8. the shit lasts for days be very prepaired! i was NOT!
  9. peyote is a cactus with some mescaline and some other stuff. If it's not in cactus form it's bullshit. it's supposed to be a badass psychadelic experience that only get better the more you take it.
  10. "If it's not in cactus form it's bullshit."
    I dunno about that.. it coulda been ground up and put in home-made tablets, ya know?

  11. ha, that sucks, i dont believe you can get high off of smoking it. and original poster, i would be weary of buying mescaline.. its some pretty rare shit. you live anywhere near an indian reservation?

    oh ya, and what you talkin about, if its not cactus, its not the real thing... you can extract mescaline!! you can put it in gel tabs, it can be liquid, and im sure you can make a pill out of it.
  12. Payotte VS Shrooms...

    Which is better? Which is safer? etc. etc. etc?
  13. yea id like to know also
  14. If you exract mescaline then you are just doing mescaline and not the cocktail of chemicals that are in peyote that interact with the mescaline and youe head. There's more than just mescaline in peyote, but mecaline is the main drug.

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