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Payment system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snux, May 3, 2011.

  1. How do you guys handle payments for marijuana with friends? Do you guys have everyone chip in a certain amount of bud or money? Or do you just burn and deal with it later?
    We always have a problem with figuring out who smoked how much cause everyone takes different size hits, and we all end up arguing about money.(Its not about the money, its about the freeloaders)
    So how do you guys handle your toke sessions?
  2. Me and my friends usually just put our weed together, or if only one person has any, we share. Our friends pretty much share everything, whats mine is ours, builds strong relationships when you don't worry about money.
  3. We usually bring our own bud to the session. Always match bowls though. Normally everyone has bud but occasionally someone won't. Never a big deal though since they usually toss in a few bucks or bring drinks/snacks and they are eventually going to have bud to chip in.
  4. My old roommate and I shared every bag we bought, shitty thing was he got home before I did a lot of the time and smoked more than I did.....

    We usually matched each other when smoking together.

    Any one who holds weed from a friend isnt a friend...........
  5. certain people i just smoke my stuff with because i know they will get me back.

    if im in a group of more then 4 or so, we normally all pitch in money to buy a sack to smoke right then and there...
    a lot of my friends dont constantly have bud on them..they smoke it as soon as they get it :/
  6. Once every 2 or 3 smoke outs i toss my boy like 10 bucks... not much but he doesn't mind one bit.
  7. Anytime the "not about the money" disclaimer gets thrown in... it's about the money.
  8. i just like buying my own personally its better when were all ona sesh and every1 has got ther own dank, i hate it when people pester you for your joint.... like flys round shit
  9. wow...arguing about amounts of weed so small it literally is coming down to the size of hits people take is petty as hell. if your friends are that concerned about it id just buy my own bags, throw down when/what you want to.
  10. yeah, if you're arguing about shit like hits then wtf, you guys should just match your own bags or just start smoking alone. Stuff like that is so minoote (sp LOL). && wtf, why are you guys measuring each other's hits & such?

    As long as it's puff puff pass then you guys should be all good. everyone will get high.
    you smoke with people to enjoy the company & fellowship. enojoying a nice smoke.
  11. I've only got one mate who smokes really...I sometimes take a bit around if I know we're gonna have a sesh, I don't mind it coz half the time I'm not expecting to have any but I do, so it balances out fine I reckon and my mate doesn't say anything (whenever I take over a lump I always let him keep the rest of it if we don't get through it all...)
  12. First rule, never front money or bud to anyone. Ever.

    Second, make sure that everything is equal before you take the first hit. Everything can seem a lot more of a big deal when you're high.
  13. no matter what, i dont waste money or bud. if i smoke someone up, i either make them throw me a five, give me something worth my bud, or have them smoke me up another time.

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