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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by majorbotany, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Alright guys, so I hate to ask what I feel like is a stupid, too often repeated question, but after browsing the Seed Bank sub-forum for 40mins; I feel like I just need to get a straight answer.
    I wanna order a few seeds from Attitude before their promo of Emerald Triangle seeds stops later tonight, I've already ordered seeds from them with my CC but I'd really prefer not to have that linked to me, what do you guys use to pay with? I know you can do a cash order, but again, that just seems too sketch for me. I've heard of people getting prepaid cards from Walmart, but when I went to today, all of them said quite clearly on them that they were only valid in the US and not for international use, so I don't know what to use? Any thoughts?
    Also, do you guys think I should try to utilize this promo, because I thought the Emerald Triangle seeds looked quite delicious, but I think the UFO's look like shit. Should I go with this, or wait 17 days and maybe a better promo will come around?
    Thanks ahead of time guys
    Major :smoke:
  2. Greendot, @ CVS, BP, Walgreens
  3. Yeah buddy, I checked those out when I was at Walmart too, but the one said that it couldn't be used to make purchases, only to do things like refill Paypal and Ebay accounts, but not for purchases, and the other ones said they were for domestic use only, nothing outside of the US? Cuz I've read that that's what people like to use, so I checked it out, but it only made me more confused once it said that none of the Green Dot's work.

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