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  1. Is it possible to use a Visa Gift Card to purchase from

    It says here Visa Gift Card - FAQ | Personal | Visa USA that the Visa Gift Cards are accepted anywhere Visa Debit Cards are. Has anyone attempted to use one? I've tried searching the forums.
  2. SJ will need to answer this one. I know at one time they couldn't be used but the Shop has changed a bit.

    He'll give you an answer as soon as he sees this thread.

    I read the information from your link and saw this: If your gift card states Valid only in the United States on the front, the provider has issued a Domestic Use Only card. So, that would be your main issue since the Shop is overseas.

    Again, SJ will answer this as soon as he can. :)
  3. How about money order as well?
  4. Well they use a provider for overseas transactions so my payment would be going through a US company. I have a 50 dollar walmart visa gift card and it would work but grasscities checkout requires a cardholder name and apparently when you activiate the card you can only add your shipping address as the billing address to the card and not a name (which basicly makes it useless for all online transactions even though it is advertised as a card perfect for such a thing).

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