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Paying someone for weed before hand? Senior in high school... help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BobMarleyIsEpic, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Omg take me with u. I'll run the farm and take care of the animals. I love animals. :)
  2. Fuck that, don't pay up front for something as little as a g. Tell him he'll get the money when he has it with him, and if he doesn't agree, find somebody else. Don't waste your time dealing with people like that, you're gonna get ripped off.
  3. It seems like you're going through 3 people.  The kid you're buying from, his friend he's buying from, and then his friends' friends' friend.  If you're not going with them then don't do it.  That's 3 ample opportunities to pinch your sack.   And if it's only a gram it'll probably end up like .6 or .7 and for 20 bucks? Tell him to eat a dick.
    I generally avoid situations where I have to go through people to get shit because I don't trust them and they're in it to make money.  That just sounds like a sketchy situation and would advise against it, but if you have no other connects it seems you have no choice.  If you can buy a scale and weigh it out in front of them before you buy it so they know you aren't a hoe.  Don't be afraid to ask them if it is weighed out straight or ask them to weigh it out.  They're selling something to you after all. 
  4. Me too.  We'll all start a sustainable community
  5. Well you never know I've seen guys rip people off for just $10 !

    But if you trust him is don't see the problem and if he goes to your school, he would be one stupid motherfucker to rip someone off he has to see everyday.

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  6. You'll find out tonight if this all goes down. He may or may not screw you. The danger in copping in HS.
  7. Last time I fronted money I got Jacked for 60 bucks.  Certainly learned my lesson, altho the idiot who jacked me gets a few tires slashed every year. :yay:
    Karma is a bitch.
  8. I wouldn't do it. It leads to you fronting the dealer more money and one day he will just take it. And 20 a gram is what almost all weed is. Unless it's shake. Then it should be 10 or 15 a gram

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