Paying For It: A Comic-Strip Memoir For Being A John

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  1. Being a comic book geek a friend recently put me on to a comic called Paying For It: A Comic-Strip Memoir of Being a John by Chester Brown.
    It's about a comic-book artist who decided he had enough of the responsibilities of being in a relationship and decides to solely use prostitutes to take care of his sexual needs. The comic takes you through the authors conflicting desire to have sex, but not wanting to have to deal with having a girlfriend.
    Kind of a let-down of a read but it left me thinking if prostitution should really be illegal. You find out a good majority of the escorts aren't being made to do anything, are their own bosses, and many of the myths of sex work simply aren't true.
    What do you guys think? Is paying for sex really that bad? Would legalizing it make it more safe for both parties? One could argue most guys pay for it anyways, right? By the 5th or 6th date you have probably paid more than you would for a high class escort. haha. And let's be honest, most guys want to fuck as many good looking women as they can before they propose and are stuck with one girl their whole lives. I almost think if guys and girls could get their ultimate desires fulfilled before marrying they would be more faithful when they decided to settle down. Mid way through the comic I found myself agreeing with a lot of what the comic argues- That most romance is empty and doesn't last last and it's argument for decriminalizing prostitution.
    A little bit about the comic and an interview with the author. And yes, he does looks super creepy and pedophile like. haha.

  2. Now i wouldnt be the first person to jump in line to partake.
    But yes i feel like it should be legal. Prostitution is GOING to happen no matter what. Its the oldest profession. We might as well regulate it to make it safer for both parties.
  3. I would totally go for it.

    I spend more on one weekend than several high class escorts would charge.

    And some of them are fucking dimes, ive skimmed through backpage
    Out of curiosity and I just dont trust it.

    The last thing I need is getting caught in some kind of prostitution sting..

    But honestly some girls have been around more than some young prostitutes
    And they do it for you cant even say theyre any "cleaner".

    Shit, bring on the working girls..mb thatll save an entire chapter of time and effort
    Wasted on these normal hoes, would save me a lot of money too..

    Hookers buy their own louis bags, lol

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