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Discussion in 'General' started by marathon1, May 7, 2011.

  1. Fellow blades I need your help/advice. I've taken a break from the ganja, getting ready to leave the nest, live on my own, and go to school hours away from home. The only thing I'm nervous about really is paying. I just received my financial aid award and it was only $5,500 for the year. I need $20,000 for tuition and rent. Where do I go from here, what loans do I apply for that will cover the rest of the $ 15,000 needed??
  2. Stafford and Perkins loans are the dominant student loans available, but you have to use FAFSA to get them and I'm sure you've already done that if you're getting the Pell grant. I wasn't eligible for the loans until after I completed my first year of college anyway, so you may need to look for a bank loan. But never overestimate talking to a financial aid adviser, they'll do all they can for you.
  3. You can also gett private loans from Sallie Mae and such. But I would only go to those in last ditch efforts to pay for school cause interest can be high and its harder to get them.
  4. yeah, I've already done so and only received $5,500. I think the issue is my dad makes a good salary ($70,000-$80,000) which has impacted the amount I am receiving in loans. Only problem is I'm not getting a penny from the parents for college.
  5. I had the same problem. So for my first couple years of college I enrolled in community college and took all the classes online, so it was so cheap that the Pell grant covered all the costs. After that first year you'll start getting more money from the loans, I suppose because you prove to them your determination to get an education, because a lot of people quit. Anyways, after a couple years in CC you can transfer to a nicer school and have it all payed off by the loans you'll qualify for. :)
  6. WTF United States why does getting an education have to be so damn expensive
  7. I've already got 40 hours completed at community college, my grandfather had a college fund for me but that is now just about gone, only a couple thousand left. My mother has been ill for a while now, Dad is spending almost 20 grand a year in medical and prescriptions alone. She is not on disability as of this moment though, has to go to court but she is a lock to get it. I figure this should help me receive more money for school.
  8. Google is your friend here! Theirs scholarships for about everything - white, black, Asian, Hispanic, hell even what you'll be going into! :)

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