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Paying For A Joint

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Codxxjokerxx491, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I am paying 30 for this am i being rippled off? image.jpg
  2. Btw he called it loud
  3. seems pricey.  1 gram would be able to roll that if not bigger (unless my perspective is messed up), and ive never heard of a gram costing 30 (could be wrong here too obviously)
    always try to buy actual bud, weighed on a scale.  for all you know, that joint could be half weed half tobacco
  4. You got ripped off hardcore if you payed $30 for that. 
  5. You got ripoed off and the sadder part is that rolling job

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  6. ripped off pretty bad
  7. First off, that isn't the best rolled joint I've seen. Secondly, for $30 I could roll 8 joints

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  8. You said no, right? 7 bucks. 
  9. another thing why it was just dumb and desperate is that what if he stuffed it with bacco in the middle lol.
    i swear i wish i could find suckers like you. make soooo much money
  10. you def seem like a little kid dying to try weed lol. so ripped off man funniest thread of the day.
    just find your own dealer and roll yourself man
  11. Looks like shit OP, hope you didn't buy it for 30, or at all. 
  12. definitely ripped off man, you need to find yourself a better guy to get from.
  13. id pay tops , 15 for that if i was desperate but i if i were you make his death "loud"
  14. get better at trolling
  15. prolly some basil mixed with oregano
    and im sorry but i refuse to stop lurkin this thread until i know his reasons ans how old he is!
  16. yeah just some future advice, don't buy pre rolled stuff unless you're like in amsterdam lol
  17. 30 bucks for a fuckin shitty rolled joint? I can roll a better one with my toes man. And most likely he's giving you all the shake from the "Loud"
  18. He says "I am paying" so he hasn't bought it yet, I would tell him to split it open it and say you'll roll your own. Then see a pic when it isn't rolled. I would say pay 15$ at most but try to get him down to ten
  19. I buy pre rolled J's from my dealer who lives a five minute walk from my house. Everytime i get an 1/8 he gives me two J's for free and i always buy two. They are nice to have.

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  20. Rip. My friend payed for a fat joint for only $5-$10. If I'm paying $30 might as well get a dub.

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