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Paying at parties...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by suhprized, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Does anyone here hate paying for beer and weed? Im cool with throwing down 10 for beer but I don't really like to buy weed at parties because usually everyone that didn't pay smokes it. Other than not letting others smoke, what can I do? I don't wanna drop 20$ every Thursday, friday and Saturday.
  2. Smoke before parties.
  3. Buy your own alcohol/weed
  4. I bring what I'm gonna consume, anything else is gravy mang.

    If people are gonna leech your weed just tell em to fuck off lol
  5. go somewhere else to smoke, it only takes a few minutes to burn one
  6. Just say no :)
  7. yea go there prepared and grab a few buddies who you wanna smoke with you and go find a secluded spot aha
  8. whenever i go out, whether its a party or simply chillin with the homies i always leave a seperate sack/personal bud at home. I cant stand coming home at night with no herb to blaze as i lay myself to sleep. Or just get drunk and dont smoke...Smoking while drinking i dont like because it contributes to an overall general good feeling which i can achieve by drinking more or smoking....well obviously one is cheaper than the other.
  9. get the people smoking with you to throw down as well
  10. go smoke out back by yourself or with people that threw down
  11. just dont pass lmao. make em all jealous.

    unless they have their own.

    if they do, fog that place out!
  12. Its just Im a really generous person haha and I hate being on different levels than other people. And im usually always playing bp so im usually lighting it up with hella people around.
  13. This is all it takes. Just step out blaze come back. Or smoke before the party. Smoke after, anything.

    If you smoke at a party you risk leeches. This is just how it is. I bring a joint which I will smoke when there are less people around. I was at a beach party with a couple friends last night. I knew very few of the people present. So when everybody was doing other things I smoked a joint with a buddy.

    Nobody was upset and I managed to get blazed without smoking 10 people out.

  14. bring your own shit and if you dont like the kid tell him to fuck off and get his own:wave:
  15. Ok what about this.. you get to the party and pay whatever the cover charge or buy beer or whatever. Everyone is getting pretty drunk when someone says let's buy weed! Some people say ok ill pay and some will say they have no money but everyone still wants to smoke. I don't feel like I should deprive anyone of the right to smoke weed. Sure its annoying but money isn't real anyways friendship is. :)
  16. just put on a Phish CD it your that worried about

    thats phriendship

  17. Friends are different...whenever possible I'll smoke out friends who smoke me out in return.

    Random people that are riding my nuts for free bud can go screw a llama.
  18. just tell em no. I hate moochers, Theres always a crowd of people who throw in like 2 bucks each, grab a beer, then put 1 in each pocket that they have, then just disappear for a while. Then theyre back like a half hour later. Shits nuckin futs.
  19. Nah id rather listen to some chris webby or some random mixtape. Im not talking about random ass kids, just people who im partying with. The scumbags get stopped at the door. I don't know maybe when im faded I see the best in people that's why i've always believed anyone could be friends with anyone.

  20. true but i dont get it man you ask for advice about saving your weed n money n shit and when we tell you what to do you say you don't want to because they're your friends....

    its whatever man its your bud/money/beer. do what you want

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