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Payed with a check

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PCB SMOKER, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. So yesterday I had texted my dude letting him know that i needed a quarter when I got off at 8, and to save me one.

    Well 8 comes around I get home, eat real quick and tell him to head to my house in 5mins, just gotta run to the ATM down the road really quick...well a pat my back pocket and there is no wallet, check the truck, no wallet. I'm freaking out, but what can I do except cll my work tomorrow and see if somebody turned it in.

    So I call dude and explain the situation, he understands and asked if I wanted it on front..I said no, I don't like to have to owe somebody something but I do have checks that are just as good as cash and he said that would work! Quickly wrote it out and he just texted me this morning saying it cashed it!

    Here's the q, 100$ from Northwest Florida ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391615011.166364.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391615027.914876.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391615037.398795.jpg

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  2. LOL, cool dealer bro! Better keep him as your main guy. Most ain't so accommodating.
  3. Hahaha this made me smile.. And 10gs fuck yeah =)

    God gave us all plants and animals for our use. Toke up !
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    + rep most dealers say cash only, no credit or checks. I cant figure out how to rep on this app. :(

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    Press the OP's post , a bar should come up and press "like"

    Cool story OP your dealer seems like a really chill guy.
  6. thats cool man not an overly smart dealer though... guess as a one off its not a problem... really nice guy from the sounds of it
  7. its 7 grams, a quarter is 7
    the glare just cut off the top of the 7
  8. Oh yea iv gone through him for about a year and a half now. I know I'm not goin anywhere haha.

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  9. Yea he said this was a one time only. I was thinking the same but really, who's gonna question a check for 100? Could just say it was birthday money or something.

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  10. Yep you got it. The glare cute part of the seven off.

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    Yeah, but eventually he'd have to declare it on his taxes. LOL
  12. Ahh very true, didn't even think of that.

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    He did. You know why? He's a business man! LOL
  14. Um, yeah you never want to do that again. People don't buy drugs with checks and credit because they don't trust the money to be there, they don't do it because what's a simple law of distribution now adds a dozen different felonies on top of it by using the banking industry.
    Stoners are the stupidest motherfuckers on the planet. :smoking:
  15. Are you really that worked up over my drug deal?

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  16. I dont think a one time check for $100 is going to alert some federal agency, you should be good bro
  17. I would take a check but not over a lousy $100, I'd make you add $25 for not thinking.
    Next time it would be like " Here comes douche and his check book, fetch me the box of swag for this no cash packing mother fucker."
  18. They had some guy on ngc talking about how he takes credit cards as payment now....just gotta swipe the card on his phone reader
  19. Worked up over it? Not at all. Not sure what you mean by that.
    Telling you and others that it's a bad idea to write checks to buy drugs is something you would probably want to know. It changes a simple local misdemeanor charge into a Federal felony. I have no idea how old you are, but you sound 12, so I'm guessing 16. A local misdemeanor for a juv is nothing. However, federal crimes are almost always tried as an adult if you're over 15.And if you're an adult, conspiracy and money laundering have guaranteed minimum sentences at a pound you in the ass federal prison.
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    That's not how it works.
    What happens is, the dealer gets busted. When that happens, they perform a forensic study of his bank accounts and banking history, looking for money laundering. When they do that, they'll see the check, and decide what to do from there.
    Also, now there's a paper trail tieing you to a drug dealer. That's never a good thing.
    You can be smart or not smart. Jails and court rooms are filled with not smart people.

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