Payday 2. Anyone Else Picking This Up?

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  1. As the title says just wondering who else is getting it. Didn't play the first one but it looked like a good idea, just not very in depth. Apparently the 2nd one has more than 30 missions.
    Can't wait to fuck some shit up with some buddies.
    Any thoughts on the game?
  2. Dude I'm going to pre-order it. that game just looks so good!
  3. Going to see how it is first when it comes out. Haven't played the first one yet though. 
  4. I too am deciding on buying this. Don't have many steam friends but Seananner's gameplay vids make the game look so tempting.
    Who knows, maybe I'll shell out 30 and hope I can pester some of my friends into buying the game
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    Who's going PC and who's going 360? Didn't even see this got replies hahaEdit: I have the first one, its alright but 2 looks way more in depth.
  6. Im kinda iffy about it right now, gonna have to wait till I watch/read a couple of reviews before i buy it. The clown masks are awesome though. :bongin:
  7. I think its only gonna be truly fun with 4 people. You can plan your attack better, obviously.
  8. sounds like a great multiplayer game.   Like talking on a walkie talkie during a real heist, communication is key to pulling off a perfect heist
      Prolly won't be picking this up anytime soon due to GTAV.  Plus a couple months ago I picked up 7 used games so I have used up my gaming budget this year.  :smoking:  
  9. My buddy and I are picking this up on PC.  Our other friend had the original and got invited to the Beta, absolutely loves it, and it works out perfectly with our gaming group of 4
  10. I play CS:S on steam and Payday2 looks like a great change. I might purchase it
  11. The game looks pretty decent
    Might be picking it up

    Any recs on the first one?
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    Found on Reddit
  13. I picked it up for PC. Amazon has it for $26.99 right now
  14. Looks badass to me. If the first was on disk, I woulda got it. Didn't even hear of it til recently. Looks great though. I can see some bible humper flippin a lid over the fact that this game teaches kids how to get away with it lol.
  15. I will be. Looks sick. 
  16. Ehh I'm gonna have to wait and see considering the first one wasent all that great.
  17. I'm having a blast so far :smoke: , if any of you are playing PC send me a message or something and we'll trade Steam IDs.  I wouldn't mind grouping up with people that would be fine with a quick bong rip between heists 
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    It's x1000 better than the first one, its a little laggy but other than that its amazing! Anyone who cops it won't regret itAlso, the soundtrack is assSent from my Typewriter using Grasscity forum
  19. Found a good preorder deal but based on what I'm reading I think I'll wait a little bit for a patch or two before I install it.
  20. Honestly, I don't know what people are complaining about.  If you want to be stealth you got to play cautiously, the only issue I've experience in 12hrs of play time was dying ontop of the extraction point and it not letting the team continue until I had completely been taken into custody.
    It's a great game and you're missing out not playing

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