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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImPakelika, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. hey, today my doctor perscribed me 20mg paxil pills. Im like suppost to take 10mg a day until my body gets used to the drug i guess. Anyway i was reading some stuff on erowid that if you smoke this shit like, 2-4 mg at a time it will cause you to hallucinate, if anyone has any experince with this drug at all please tell me.
  2. i wonder who would actually think about smoking their medicine? were they high, drunk, what... that's interesting

    sorry for not relating this to paxil, no I've never tried smoking Paxil or any of my medications.

    peace and happy tokin of jane
  3. Yeah and I hear if you drink the right amount of antifreeze it will get you pretty fucked up, too. Point being, just because you heard you can hallucinate or get fucked up off something doesnt make it a good idea! I know you weren't insinuating that it was, but oh well...
  4. crush it up and snort it like cola.. just an idea
  5. oh, im not saying that I will smoke it, im just trying to find out shit before i try anything stupid. Right now im just takein my normal dosage, i think i might try it with alchol (very little of course) perhaps drink a few beers, hell i dont know.
  6. oh yeah, i know that i got really really fucked up when i had a few drinks while i was on DXM, if i do drink i few beers it wont be till later, i think i got a bag commin through later, and i would much wrather toke the reefers :D

  7. careful honey....this is a pot forum...not a porn forum!

    I was on Paxil for made me soooooo slllleeeeeepppppyyyy.... everything moved in slow motion...

    but nothing bothered me LOL!

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