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Paxil and Smoking Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RollinBallz, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. sometimes i smoke weed, especially if a lot, i start to have panic attacks. i been prescribed paxil for the panic attacks and im wondering if its okay that i take paxil and smoke weed at the same time? would the paxil help calm me down while im high so i wont get panic attacks? has anyone ever taken paxil and smoked weed?
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    eh from my experience not really, i was on paxil it helped so i wouldnt get random panic attacks but i smoked weed and got the same anxiety and i drank and next day i was hallucinating weird looking cats melting into the ground in the dark, they would fade opacity closer they got to the light, i thought i was going skitzo.
    fuck paxil, they create more serotonin in the brain by disabling ur reuptake pump but what happens when your brain is flooded with worthless serotonin that needs to be recyled and your reuptake pump is paralyzed? i couldnt even have sex or masturbate.. SSRIS are a joke.

    Besides, I like doing shrooms and acid and SSRIS pretty much prevent this, i would have to stop taking them for a month and a 1/2th just to plan a trip that would work, and then id be having withdrawels which include brain shocks ..etc. FUCK SSRIS, next doctor that suggests them I'll slap them with my dick.
  3. I did both. I wasn't affected badly. The weed actually helped a lot more than paxil. I hate anti depressants. As soon as i ween off paxil I will never ever go back on it. I will tell everyone I know not to take it. It helped for awhile, but weening off of it I was way worse then before I took it.
  4. eh, I wouldn't take any medication at the same time you're smoking weed. I don't know anything about paxil; is it the kind of medication you can take as needed for anxiety, like xanax?
  5. Either everyone missed this, or im stupid.. or both!

    Buut. OP said he started experiencing said panic attacks after smoking a LOT of weed.. So isnt the weed the problem here? Dont smoke as much and got off that shit if thats the problem.

  6. No not at all completely different

    I've taken celexa, lexapro, paxil, prozac, etc most take a month to actually work and are very subtle. They seem to slightly put me in a better mood some cause shitty side effects as well. IMO they suck but my doc isn't a fan of Xanax and I don't think Xanax would be a good thing for me since I have an addictive personality to begin with. Xanax is way more addictive and works almost immediately in comparison.

    Mj works x100 times better for my sa and depression but can't exactly tell my doc that- being in GA

  7. Yea I mean if I get fuckin blazed I seem to go more into my head per se and that causes my anxiety. If I just smoke normally and control my happy thoughts lol it helps me I would say smoke less maybe by yourself for awhile so u can control your surroundings etc so you can see the difference.

    Good luck op I know what you're going through and how you feel.
  8. fuck pills your problem is all in your mind, and of coarse self control
  9. It's not good to smoke weed mixed with those prescription meds.

  10. Agreed. But the pills help your mind figure out that it's all in your mind. The brain is a fucked up machine.
  11. Or just complex like a magazine
  12. or just get really fuckin baked

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