Pax vs. Pinnacle

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  1. Does anyone know how these 2 vapes compare? I already own the MFLB, but I just want a little something.. more.
  2. im in your boat... i just ordered the pinnacle as a result of reading the fc forum thred
  3. Does FC have a thread comparing these 2?
  4. From what I've read the pinnacle max temp is not high enough for some people.
  5. From what I've gathered:

    •3 heat settings
    •holds approx. .3g (tightly packed)
    •maintenance highly required
    •problems with mouthpiece (resolved with newer model and lubricant)
    •approx. 2 hour battery life

    •2 heat settings
    •holds approx. .2g (to bottom of flare)
    •minimal cleaning
    •mouthpiece sometimes has loose fit

    Feel free to correct me and add input

  6. Pinnacle has a 40 minute battery life.
  7. That's all? I assume that's cause convection is more power hungry!
  8. It is the superior choice..
  9. Honestly, I'm leaning more towards pax right now. It's sleeker, 3 instead of 2 heat settings and 2 hours definitely beats 45 minutes
  10. Sorry. Convection wins every time. There really is no contest. That's a deal breaker for me but maybe you enjoy the lower grade taste of conduction :confused:
  11. Conduction is by no means "lower grade" it's just less efficient. And I'm sorry but I don't really want something I'll have to charge a million times a day
  12. it most certainly is lower grade.
  13. Medicinally, yes. You can take stuff from a Pax and vape it in a convection vape. But realistically, it's just another technology. They each have their own place.
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    i own a pax and think its great. looks great/ steathy and delivers massive vapor. i think its great for people with high tolerances that wants a portable. conduction sucks for desktop but for portables i think they are great for power users.
    looks like a pinnacle pro is coming out with higher temp settings, sound like a winner.

  15. Portable convection vapes are power hogs, in terms of power conservation it's a lot better to use conduction technology. It requires a smaller battery and less power, although you could throw in a huge battery and have a very long lasting vape. :smoking:
  16. personally i like it because of battery life and bowl size. when on the go i just want to get as high as possible as fast as possible while being stealthy. the pax was a happy fit for me. when buying a vape just buy what suit your needs. i'll be prolly getting the cera EO this week. hope its as beastly as i think it is.
  17. Have you tried a pax? If not then stfu about it. The taste is just as good if not better than my DBV.
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    I have and I know many people who would laugh in your face if you said that lol
  19. You sound like such a condescending asshole saying it isn't as superior as other vapes. I have read a lot of your posts and a lot of them make you also sound like a dumb ass. You can't tell me that my opinion of vapor quality is wrong, it's my opinion and actually a lot of my friends too. Just because its not the right vape for you doesn't make it bad.
  20. Whoa I'm not saying your opinion is wrong . Originally I was replying to someone in this thread that said conduction was just as good if not better than convection which is not true at all. Conduction may be your thing.

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