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Pax Questions

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by greenleaves23, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Considering the Pax and have a few questions. Hoping you can help?

    1. Does anyone have any experience with the heat from the pax? Does it hurt your throat or gums at all?

    2. Has anyone tried to mod the pax to attach to a water pipe?

    3. Had a really bad experience with thermovape customer service. Has anyone had experience with Ploom customer service?

  2. 1. heat: the vapor is never hot in my experience, but i only use the low temp setting until the bud is completely cashed.

    2. I can't see a reason to attach a bong/bubbler to the pax, the vape is already extremely smooth and delicious, so there is no reason to filter it.

    3. i wonder about the warranty service myself, but from what little i've herd ploom is really good about customer service.
  3. 2. yes someone has, on the f-combustion forums someone posted a pic of their setup. again you can imagine it's a bit of a hassle to do, but doable yes.
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    My Pax does not burn my throat or gums when I hit it. It can, however, burn your lips at first before you figure out a way to hit it that works for you.

    Here is the info on the water pipe tubing attachment:

    Pax Vaporizer by Ploom | Page 133 | FC Vaporizer Review Forum


    The first link is the post that shows a picture of what he used to attach his Pax to a 14mm downstem. The second is the where you can order the tubing.


    I ordered my Pax directly from Ploom. I contacted them once when I ordered my unit for an update on it's shipping status and they returned my inquiry in less than 24 hours. Only time I have conversed with them but was a good experience.
  5. not to beat a dead horse(because it's been covered in other threads), but if you fill up the oven all the way, the pax should never get hot enough to burn your lips, just saying ;)

    I don't know if this helps, but i find finely ground bud packed tight works best on the low(yellow) setting, and a more coarse blend or whole little buds works best on the medium(orange), but especially high(red) setting.

    all depends on the bud your smoking too...
  6. The Pax definitely burns my lips if I don't hit it properly, even on the lowest heat setting. I am very proficient at keeping my Pax in clean, running condition and know how to properly load bowls.
  7. Super helpful!! Thanks all very much!

  8. Actually I do have one more question - do you burn your lips on the vapor that comes out? Or on the plastic/metal? I guess I'm confused as to what could burn with the device...I had thought the heat would hurt the inside of your mouth/throat - not lips...

    Thank you!
  9. The vapor itself passing over the skin on my lips that's exposed and not touching the mouthpiece is the part that can burn if I'm not careful. Using higher temps makes me cough more, but doesn't burn any of my mouth.

  10. Does you pax have any heating issues?
    Mine usually takes a while to first start up after a charge. Like a long time.

    - Komatic
  11. Thanks for the clarification fluge-
  12. If my Pax is cold, it takes a lot longer to heat up than normal. Not normally though. Average on low for me is about 35 seconds. Haven't tested fresh off the charger.

    And no problem greenleaves :)

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