Pax Ploom issue.

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  1. Hi, Ive been looking for an answer everywhere and I can't find it.
    My issue with the pax is that when I remove the mouthpiece, the oven continues to heat (the LED is purple/blue). The temp light is unlit due to the pax assuming that the mouthpiece is still on.
    I'm not sure what to do to fix this!
    Any advice is welcome.
    Thank you.

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    How often do you clean it?

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  3. clean it and get some mouthpiece lube. if you email them they'll probably send it for free, they hooked me up
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    Hi GotTheVapours -
    I have the same problem and the following works for me -
    With the mouthpiece off, place the Pax on your charger (plugged in) for 20 - 30 seconds.  Remove Pax and lights are off (no heating).
    Hope this works for you.
    BTW, I clean my Pax alot and this heating with mouthpiece off issue persists.
  5. If its really an issue send it to pax, they have a 10 year warranty.  The head shop where I got mine said to bring it back to them instead of sending it in, so maybe try that.
  6. At the end of a session, don't close the mouth piece until the unit is cool completely. So power off the pax by letting it sit in standby until it powers it self down. If the temperature color flickers when you have the mouth piece in and the pax is clean, blow for about 3 seconds into each side of mouth piece and reinsert.
  7. just clean it and maybe add the lubricant if you haven't done so in a pax will do the same thing from time to time but it's a quick and easy fix
  8. sounds like a nice complete cleaning is needed as others said.
  9. I wish I had that problem with mine OP one tip to get it to shut off if needed is to plug it into the charger dock and then remove it..
    Mine won't heat. It constantly thinks the mouthpiece is removed. My tip is just clean it very well let t dry out. And use some of there lubricant.

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    If they made the mouthpiece stationary this thing would be 200% better, I've had mine for about 1.5 years and used it constantly for a few months but rarely use it now because the mouthpiece constantly gives me issues, whether it be it sticking and not opening, not locking and staying closed or not making a connection and constantly staying on red. This requires far too much cleaning for the average stoner that never cleans their piece, I always clean my pieces every few weeks but I find this thing requires cleaning and lubing every few days. Not to mention you pretty much need the lube to make this thing work well but you can only buy a tiny bit at a time from them and it's relatively expensive considering how little you get ($7 for 0.18 ounces/4.75ml).

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