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  1. I've been researching the whole vape game and I really want to get the best bang for my buck, but of course, you have to pay to play also. I believe I've narrowed my choice of vaporizers down to two, either the Pax or the Pinnacle Pro. I first heard about the Pax on a podcast by Kevin Smith and the Pinnacle pro based on the youtube video I watched reviewing the Pax saying that Pinnacle pro is better. I can't make up my mind. I'm a novice at this, just getting into growing and I know that any weed I have will last me a good long time for now, and I really want something a little more discreet than a simple glass/tobacco pipe to get good and baked with. So for someone who'll probably end up using this device only a few times a week. Which would be best ? 
    Yeah, the question has been asked a million times before, and now here's another one. Have at it!

    Having owned both a Pax, and a product by Vaporblunt (thats who makes the Pinnacle Pro), I can't really recommend either of those products. Since you're growing and you're wanting your stuff to last a long time, and you want something more discrete, then I can assume you're priorities are the following:
    • Efficiency (does it use a lot of herb or less)
    • Stealth (does the device stink?)
    • Portability
    Correct me if I'm wrong please so we can be on the same page :)
    But if those are our priorities, I personally wouldn't recommend the Pax or the Pinnacle Pro. There's a lot of people on here who like either of those devices and it works for them. For me the Pax or anything by Vaporblunt just doesn't cut it (I had a Vaporblunt 2.0, kind of a bigger version of the Pinnacle).
    For the Pax, while it is a nice device, easy as heck to use and does what it advertises, it failed me in the stealth and efficiency department. It was portable as hell, but it smelled rather strong when it was preheating and during the session. Also it took more herb to fill the oven than what I was expecting with a vape, and it cooks your herb constantly during the session. Not saying I didn't get a nice high off the device, but I was expecting to use less than .3 - .4 grams, and not have it stink up my living room.
    For the Pinnacle, I just don't like Vaporblunt. They don't communicate with you, when you email them no one replies, and when they send you an email, Gmail will say that the email isn't legit. God forbid you have a problem with their device, they're liable to not get back to you at all. While I can't speak for the Pinnacle, the Vaporblunt 2.0 told me everything I needed to know about how they made and designed things. Without getting into gory details, I'll never order one of those things again. Heck, I gave it to a friend of mine and he hates it too. 
    If you're hell bent on buying either of those 2 products since it looks like you've looked around a bit, go with the Pax. Ploom at least supports their product and its made decently. Just be prepared to clean it all the time (sometimes 2 times a day if you use it a lot).
    Personally, I would recommend:
    the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB)
    the Firewood 2.1
    the Firefly
    and if you're not afraid of butane, theres the Hammer and the Lotus
    also if you want something thats "Pax style", go for the Indica
    The first 5 vapes I've listed are fairly efficient, portable, and for the most part stealthy. MFLB is the stealthiest. The Indica works similar to the Pax but it doesn't have all the moving parts found in the Pax (the clicky mouthpiece). I've heard its efficient, but it also cooks the load all the time and takes a lot of herb to fill its oven. However, it doesn't require the cleaning that the Pax does and I've heard it doesn't smell as much as the Pax.
    So thats my personal opinion and recommendation on what I think you should get. Figured you came here for advising so there you go. I would go with the MFLB and Firewood 2.1 personally, but thats because I own them lol. 
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    One of the most surprising aspects of joining this forum was also a very unexpected one. Everyone who posts here types their replies with good grammar and great sentence structure. I just read your post like I have all the other replies to every post I've made since joining and I'm always greatly impressed. Seems like stoners have secrets most don't know about, and that is a breath of fresh air. Cheers to you!
    As for your actual reply, it has basically taken me back to where I was going to go in the beginning, which is the MFLB. I'm a novice smoker(actually hadn't smoked for over four years till last week and had only smoked 3 times before) and the MFLB looks like it holds the perfect amount of buds and works like holding a lighter up to a pipe. That and the fact that it's more economical and still gets the job done is a huge plus. Of course, if I end up buying that one, I'll have to get the adapter since I've read that the batteries kinda suck. I just wish that the adapter didn't cost almost as much as the actual vaporizer. One vote for MFLB then! Thank you for the help!
    Wow, I just saw the page for the Indica! That is one pimp looking device! Pricey, but it looks like a damn Zippo. 
    I liked the Firewood 2.1 also, looks like a wooden pack of smokes. This decision is going to be a tough one, especially now that I've seen the Firewood 2.1! Damn and blast!
    Yeah, you gotta love GC. Probably the place that will show you that the stereotypical stoner doesn't really exist (for the most part). Hell, my co-worker is a college grad, doesn't drink or do drugs, and he sends emails to the president of our company using text talk; "Did u need me 2 stop by and fix ur laptop?" What makes it more amusing, the think its normal.... jeeze gotta love sober people (no offense to sober people on here, but all the ones I run into seem to think they're better than everyone else when you mention any vice).
    I'm glad that you looked at my suggestions. I haven't been vaping for that long (creeping up on 4 months now), but I've smoked over over 20 years. I made a couple of expensive mistakes after I bought my MFLB. I remember the first night I vaped with it. I got high and I loved the feeling. The next morning I started looking at the more expensive vapes. I thought "Gee, if a little wooden box can get me stoned like that, imagine what those more expensive vapes can do!" I didn't know much, dropped $250 for a Pax and started using it. I hadn't even had my MFLB for 24 hours and I had already replaced it. Later that weekend, I bought a Vaporblunt 2.0, thinking it would be better than the Pax. Turns out, the Pax used more herb than the MFLB ever did, and the VB 2.0 sucked compared to the Pax. Bottom line, ended up on the MFLB exclusively a few weeks later.
    At that point I had proven to myself that I don't need to get an uber expensive vape to get efficiency, stealth, and portability. And if I was going to pay a lot, do a ton of research and pay attention to user experience.
    What really appealed to me with the MFLB is its made in the US, has a lifetime warranty (even if you break it), and is basic and simple. The Firewood 2.1 also is made in the US and is priced the same as the MFLB. Check out my review here.
    Personally I love stateside made vapes, and I love the fact that these 2 in particular are reasonably priced and pack a good punch. You looked at the Indica, and yeah thats a great looking vape. It is pricey, but its also cheaper than the Pax by 50$. Anyway check out that review of the Firewood I did. I'm still reviewing it but on Saturday I'll post how I am with the device after 1 week. So far I'm loving it, and I rotate between my MFLB and Firewood.
    They both perform about the same, but I would recommend the Pax over the Pinnacle Pro.
    There are many reports of the PONG adapter and parts of the main body of the Pinnacle Pro cracking. VaporBlunt has made a glass replacement for the plastic PONG, but I don't believe they are shipping it with the product.
    For that reason I would not recommend the Pinnacle Pro at this time (it's a shame too, because it really performs well).
    With various techniques (spacers, screens, etc...) the Pax can be made to produce satisfactory vapor using very little material.
    Since it is always heating the material, however, it will still use more than the MFLB. But the Pax can be a pretty efficient vaporizer.
  7. I'm definitely going to read up on all of these. In my opinion, the Firewood is a tempting option since it has the batteries inside of the unit and a handy recharging cord, something that the MFLB doesn't really come with out of the box. That and the Firewood just looks so damn neat. Only thing that worries me slightly about the Firewood is loading it with buds. It looks like you could potentially spill whilst loading into that small hole. Of course, it helps that it's small because that way you can really limit the amount you actually put in there, and make it last a little longer. But the MFLB just looks so simple for loading, cleaning because I'm sure if need be you could just blow on it and get most of the spent buds out of there before having to use the brush. And now that I think about it, stealth isn't really important to me because I'll just be smoking at home pretty much all the time so I guess what's more important is the size of the thing and not being bulky. And then there's the Indica. Like I mentioned before, it looks so pimp and modern. And also how it comes with spacers for the oven tray so you can customize the size is something I really like. Pricewise, I think it would be worth it, of course it's so new that you have to buy direct from them, but that's not that big a deal. I'll probably just end up buying either the Firewood of the MFLB since the positive comments outweigh the negative by such a large margin. And as long as they do what they say they do, that's all that matters. 
    And on the grammar side of things, I'm only 35 and I must be one of the crotchetiest 35-year old's in existence because I just can't stand that texting talk. I just don't have it in me to express myself like that. But after all that's been going on in my life recently, it's much better to get completely baked once in a while and try to forget everything negative for a little bit and then be better prepared to deal later on. Can't wait to place my order for one of these though!
    You have some good choices there with the Firewood, MFLB, and Indica. Did you give my review of the Firewood a read? I ask this because the loading system has completely changed from trying to pour herb into that small hole. Thats how the Firewood was for the 1.0 and 2.0 versions. I believe with 2.1 (I'll have to ask the maker if this is true), he changed the way the Firewood is loaded, to a capsule system.
    Basically there's a removable glass capsule that comes with the Firewood (you'll see it in my pics on the review). You load up the capsule about 1/4 -1/2 of the way up, and drop it into the Firewood, put the top and mouthpiece on, flip the switch to turn it on, then push the button to start heating up. So theres really no worries about spilling anything. Just watch out, the capsule is hot when it comes out of the Firewood. You can't really go wrong with the Firewood, but you do have to be willing to learn it (just like any vape). Also keep in mind that the Firewood comes with a charger, and a separate power adapter is sold. He does not have a combo charger/adapter yet. But thats forth coming. Also, you can only get the Firewood directly from the maker, since he doesn't wholesale and has marketed this thing by word of mouth. Pretty cool really.
    As far as the MFLB goes, and stealth isn't an issue you can actually get some cool accessories that make the MFLB a decent little desktop unit. While the MFLB comes with batteries and a charger, it doesn't come with a power adapter and thats actually sold separately. It doesn't just power up the MFLB, but it has a knob built into it that gives the MFLB some steady voltage. You plug the PA into the MFLB, and then theres a button on the PA that you push to start the voltage... release after you're done taking your hit. Similar to batteries but a steady voltage going to the MFLB... results, it won't burn your load so, it allows you to control the temp. Couple the PA with The Orbiter, and the MFLB has you taking bong hits now. The nice thing is the PA and Orbiter also fall under the lifetime warranty the Magic Flight offers.... even for he glass on the Orbiter.
    So there you can see where the Power Adapter and the Orbiter will transform the MFLB from a slick little portable to an interesting desktop.
    I don't know too much about the Indica, but yeah it is interesting with all the spacers and things they give you to customize the oven. Again it reminds of a Pax with all its problems somewhat corrected, but can't really say since I've never used one. 
    My taste in vapes has really changed from when I started vaping. Now, I'm into vapes made out of as much natural material as possible. Kind of steering away from the high tech looking stuff and going to things that are simple in operation and of course made in the USA.
  9. Yeah, I read the review, even the part where you mention the capsule, which makes it similar to some of the other vapes I've been researching. And that detail makes it SO much easier than I imagined. But I like the look of either of the two and I'm going to have to flip a coin to decide which I want. That and I have to get a grinder to follow the manufacturing guidelines to get the best result. But from everything you've already said here, I can't go wrong with either one. And the best part is it'll be less than $150. Maybe even less than $100 if I buy the Firewood and finish it myself. I'm going to ask if I can get the Cherry finish and just brush it on here at home myself. 
    Yeah I sent you a PM to further confuse you but that the consensus I've come to a well. I laid out some more pro's and con's and hopefully that helps lol. But reply to my PM =) Curious which way you go...
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    Yeah I have the pnp with the new's amazing lol I use it with a small bubbler and get big tasty clouds..I've been vaporizing pure kief because the built in screen doesn't let any through..just a small amount gives me big clouds and gets me stoned as hell
    The best thing to me about the new piece is it is a really secure attachment..before I got this piece I had problems with the vape falling off the bubbler sometimes but now that's impossible  :smoking:

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