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Pax No Visible Vapor

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Payne1020, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. On the low setting can hardly get any vapor but it still gets me cooked but i like seeing vapor clouds i do see on high and medium setting but still not that much, any ways to make the herb to vape better?

  2. The finer the grind, the more surface area there is to vaporize. Depending on the vaporizer, you can go too fine with particles going through the screen or causing air restriction, but generally speaking, you want to grind on the fine side.......not ground to powder though.

  3. I need to get my space case back from my friend i have been using this shitty plastic grinder
  4. I actually use my 2 piece acrylic grinder for my vape instead of my four piece metal because it tends to grind it finer

  5. Yup, and it's one of the reasons that I no longer use a 4pc, but a 2pc ti Space Case. The second reason is that I want as much kief in my bud all the time.

    You can get a 4 piece to grind finer by turning it upside down, but then, that creates other problems.

    For me, a 2pc is all that I will use.
  6. Yeah I used to flip my 4 piece upside down but it ends up clogging everything up and getting the kief everywhere. I want to pick up one of the grinders from the Mflb website, they turn that shit into almost a powder

  7. It only collects crystal not kief and the space case grinds the stuff so fine like powder
  8. What?!? They're the same thing...
  9. hmm I always referred to keif as the left over stuff from a 5 pc my bad
  10. Ah I see. Yeah I usually think of kief as the crystals and when it has little bits of extremely fine plant material I usually just consider it lower quality

  11. Do you have a space case

  12. My 2pc Space Case does not grind to powder. I can control how fine the grind is by how many twists I make.
  13. make sure to grind your dry material finely, then PACK down the material in the oven. Actually press it down with your finger or a little tool of some kind, then start it up!
  14. Na bought my grinder when I just started smoking and can't bring myself to replace it because you become attached to that stuff. It's just a generic stainless steel 4 piece 1-1/2".
  15. Yea but then you have to take the grinder and transfer all the bud elsewhere

    I rather have a 3pc/4pc than a 2 pc, so thats theres a chamber for my bud to stay in, even if I transfer it after that

    I prefer a 4 pc for the kief, and I have a 2pc that I hardly use because of what I just mentioned. I think a 3 piece would be ideal for those that want their kief to stay on the bud
  16. Many two piece grinders are designed with a ridge around the edge of the top so you can just dump the bud onto the top of one piece after grinding
  17. I love the 4 pc as well. What I do is put the bud in, grind it normally, give it a few shakes/twists to get all the kief down the screen, then grind it a second time, upside down. I find that if you grind it upside down the first time, a lot more kief and other plant material get stuck to the blades/top.

    I prefer to keep the kief seperate, so that, when I want to, I can vape a super potent kief bowl when I want!
  18. Are you guys saying that the pax doesn't vape weed well that had been grinded too much?

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