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  1. I have been using the Pax Era vape pen with the new square cartridges and have been loving it, but only certain companies make these cartridges.

    Does anyone know what company has the cleanest extraction techniques? I'm really looking for clean, top quality, with natural terpenes. The best of the best.

    Here are some of the vendors available in my area. Any experiences or comments are much appreciated.

    Bloom Farms
    Legion of Bloom
    Brute Labs
    Temple Extracts

    Thanks in advance guys!!
  2. I’ll reply to myself. Ya that’s cool.
    I have done a fair amount of research and copious amounts of testing. Any Pod made from mechanical extraction is by far the best. Please don’t confuse this with “solventless” as that just means they extract “all” of the solvents used in extraction.

    Full spectrum, mechanical extraction ROSIN is the bees knees.

    Check out Blue River and you won’t be disappointed.

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