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  1. Anyone got a compatible car charger for the Pax by Ploom?
  2. HELP!?!!😭
  3. Thanks moiz, I thought about that as a worst case scenerio. I think I want somethin a little less bulky.
  4. I'm pretty sure PAX doesn't have any car chargers yet, unfortunately. Would be extremely convenient though. 
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    Yea, I know they don't manufacture one but I was thinking some phone car charger might be compatible. I thought one of the million users have tried it before, ya know? Haha
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  7. Bump 😋
  8. I was just looking into this myself. I registered for this site so I could post this reply. The Pax charger outputs 9V DC at 1.3ma. So we need a 12V to 9V car converter. Here you go:

    Amperage should be close enough for rock 'n roll. Get it at a store and bring your Pax charger with you so you make sure to get the right size tip. Install tip so center is positive pole.

    Or just wait for me to try it and see if it blows my unit up. I'm going on a road trip this weekend and plan on trying it.

    Nice after-market entrepreneurial opportunity: design and manufacture a car-mountable Pax-compatible charging base, package it with a white label 12V to 9V car converter. Voila. No need to thank me for making you a fortune.
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    OK, it works great! Get the "H" tip and install with the "+" facing "tip."

    Please note that using this will almost certainly void your warranty (with Ploom).

    Also, drive safely.
  10. Hey, I completely retract this recommendation. Upon further review, I think I may have fried my Pax this morning using my solution. Hopefully I just drained the battery. Bottom line, I jumped the gun. I'm sorry. Don't try the method I recommend. I've retracted my blog post.
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    For a final follow up to this debacle, I'm happy to report that I DID NOT fry my Pax. The car converter evidently completely drained its battery, but when I got home it charged up just fine with the AC charger, and it works as good as always. Whew.
    The plug in 12v to 9v converter has a definite cooked smell to it, and suffice it to say I will not be trying to charge my Pax with it again. Mea culpa.
    As others have mentioned elsewhere, a full-blown DC to AC inverter would probably be the best bet. 

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