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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ArkGullwing, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. So, I'm new to all of this, and in the last 48 hours, I got this

    More on the way as well. Anyway, my question is about that Pax there, in particular. Is it ok to just pack that oven good and tight with some well ground bud, and leave it there, and just break it out, vape it here and there, turn it off. Break it out again the next day, take a couple hits, etc? Basically I'm just makin sure that I can use this as a, "Hey I wanna get buzzed but don't wanna bother grindin some fresh bud and packin a bowl, breakin out everything, and taking 3 hits and then packing it all away".
  2. Ya you can do that with the Pax, it's just less efficient than vaping a new oven every time. But if you're not concerned with getting the most out of your herb, that totally works. The draws will go down in potency every session, though, but that's pretty obvious.

  3. why is it less efficient?
    there is no reason why you couldn't vape the oven in several separate sessions :p

    P.S PACK down that oven well!!! :hello:
  4. yeah i pack it tight in there but dont over fill, usually every morning before i go to work ill pack the Pax with some ground bud, i vape verything on the green settingright before i go into work, then after work i vape the rest on the medium and then high setting. energetic high the green setting, then after work the relaxed feeling come with the higher settings
  5. Think he is saying it will be less efficient because the oven will still be warm and cooking your herbs.

  6. Ya, what Phoenix said. Every time you heat up and cool down your herb with a conduction vape you're losing a little bit of potency, as some cannabinoids are released even when you're not drawing. With a convection vape like the Volcano this isn't the case, but with the Pax it is.

    Not a big deal, and I'm not at all saying you shouldn't do it, but it's just a little less efficient than vaping the full oven at once.

    One thing I would recommend doing is stirring up the oven between sessions, that tends to help fully cook the herb. It's all about surface area, particularly with conduction vapes. Luckily, the design of the oven naturally maximizes the surface area to begin with! Love the Pax.

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