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pawn stars??!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dc123, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. What's good! Who's gonna blaze up and be watching it tonight? I know I am.

    It is the greatest. Chumlee's fat ass cracks me up
  2. Someone's stoned. Yes, Pawn Stars is like brain porno.
  3. no i will not be watching this show.
  4. i wonder if they would let you pawn an unused bong
  5. so sick of reality tv. i cant believe people watch this stuff. actually i can. the networks push out garbage with the "lowest common denominator" factor just to make money : /
  6. and only rich people can like this show. niqqa's like myself already know all about the pawn shop lol
  7. Ill never understand why so many people like this show.
  8. Pawn stars used to be better when it first came out. I'll stick with the American pickers instead.
  9. Dude the show Hardcore Pawn is so much better. The people who go in that pawn shop are so ridiculous and over the top that the show just becomes hilarious.
  10. honestly me and my brother have watched pawnstars so much, and i geek whenever rick laughs because everytime he goes the the back room and they do a close up little mini interview with him he laughsand its hilarious
  11. Love me some chum...

    But if i'm ever in vegas I guarentee you i'll try to sell a ROOR bong to them

    "$5" :cool:

    "Your kidding me at least a QP has gone threw that thing :mad:"

    "Get out"

    I can see it now :D
  12. man you must be up out your mind. :eek:
    its shark week....
  13. I'm watching it right now, love the show.
  14. Hell yea man, I'm DVRing it as we speak. Gunna get baked later tonight and watch it.

    Did anybody ever see when Rick said, "Nobody has a bong has their centerpeice like you" to Chumlee? Shit was funny.
  15. I dont have any weed at the moment, but I am definitly gonna watch it. My friend said he watched the eposide of the gaint robotic dinosaur thing while he was high and it was crazy as fuck.
  16. I've seen a little bit of it, but I'm not a fan. You can just tell they're reading scripts, because they're doing it poorly.

    I did see the lead singer from A Day to Remember on there once. He was selling some old guitar. It was weird because they didn't mention he was in the band or anything.
  17. I saw the one where Chumlee got burned on a Gibson mandolin

    always call in an expert if you don't know shit about musical instruments aahahaha
  18. This show is so freaking awesome

    It's the mythbusters of the history channel.
  19. #20 S0UR, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    He's so dumb, he spends $1500 on that shit... I knew it was gonna be fake before he brought it to the guitar shop.

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