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  1. Can pawn shops say whether or not you pawned something to other people, EXCLUDING the police?
  2. No I dont think they can. dont quote me on it tho
  3. shit i need some forreal info. ty tho
  4. Depends on the shop. Some have privacy policies that deal with that sort of things, and others don't. You'd have to ask. However, i'd say that for the right price, even those with the policies wouldn't hesitate to squeal
  5. Hocking other people's shit to get more pills already? Withdrawals aren't THAT bad. Come on homie, wait til you have some cash.
  6. I know here in Utah at least, they can. They take your ID information and everything, and will turn you into the police if somebody shows up at one of the pawn shops looking for something that got pawned.

    I honestly hope you're not thinking of selling something that doesn't belong to you.
  7. This should instead say: I'm a loser who steals shit because I have 0 willpower to control my hard drug addiction. Is the pawn shop going to rat me out because i'm a pussy and don't want to get in trouble?

    Seriously man, fuck the pawn shop, go to rehab.
  8. Do you really think two sentences from some guy on GC is going to change his mind? Sure I don't agree with what hes doing, but people do it all the time, its not really that un common...

  9. welcome to pandoras box. -rep

    no need to be a dick.

  10. I don't give a shit if it changes his mind or not. That was for my personal satisfaction as people who steal shit to milk their drug habit disgust me.

    Honestly, hes talking about pawn shops, and pretty soon he won't have a computer to read what i'm saying anyway. :rolleyes:

  11. Oh thanks grandaddypurps, did you also -rep the drug addict who is trying to get around getting caught because hes so fail that he has to resort to stealing peoples things that they worked hard to pay for?
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    I dont think you have ever been in the situation, where you will do anything to get $$ so you dont become dopesick. I think once you have been there your mind on this topic may be changed. anyways why are u assuming he stole something

    oh and thanks for the neg rep :). it doesnt count as u need light green bars for rep to count. But to respond to your question, in the neg rep you gave me. No i havent stolen shit to sell at a pawnshop... but thats not say iv never done shit when i was feinin when i regret. the bigd is a cool dude and has contributed much to the box... so i have no reason to -rep him. You on the other hand have 4 posts and are already causing trouble.
    can some1 also neg rep this nutshell... seeing a red bar above his name would be nice. i only made it purple.

    its pandoras box, its a close knight place(specially the people who have been around here ahwile), we look out for each other as we are doing some substances which can be dangerous if used incorrectly. and alot of times we may not agree with somebody says, but we dont make rude posts... we keep it to ourselves. or put it in a nice way not call people "pussys"

  13. Why am I assuming he stole something? Oh I don't know, the fact that hes worried about the police finding out what he sold back is a pretty big fucking indicator if you ask me. Would you be worried about selling shit back that was "yours"?

    I don't care if he's dope-sick or not. Stealing is wrong, if you want to be a drug addict fine, but find another way to do so rather than copping peoples shit. Sorry but there is no excuse for that.
  14. My friend is doing a 2-5 in the fed for stealing credit cards, buying giftcards with em and selling em to pawn shops, and thats not even selling something you stole directly.

    It's generally a bad idea to sell stolen shit at the pawn shop, maybe your dealer will trade.
  15. We really cant assume he stole something. Its plausible, but there is no proof.
    Im not condoning stealing. but if you had a problem with his post PM him. Dont make a post calling him a pussy.

    also thanks to ever gave him the other neg rep :D

    haha i think bigd is noddin really hard right now. he said on aim he had to lie down
  16. You guys are making some harsh accusations against him when you really dont know the story
  17. exactly

    haha and not you guys... more like just nutshell :p
  18. To answer your question, i'm pretty sure they can. My brother is mentally handicapped and went off and pawned a bunch of his neighbors shit. When the cops came and investigated the place to ask about the missing stuff, they got the tape of him pawning the shit and the whole bit.

    Luckily he didn't get in trouble, but still.

    And yeah, obviously you'd be in league with my retarded brother if you decided to steal somebody else's shit and pawn it.

  19. Because it's really hard to make an accusation about someone worried about the police finding out about him selling stuff to pawn shops.
  20. Nutshell, maybe the OP traded his phone or something, and is gonna sell the phone he just traded. The guy could go to the pawn shop to look around and see it, he might be like yea man my phone got stolen, and I been looking for it.

    Or some bullshit like that, you know.

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