Pauley shore gets knocked the fuck out

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. by some hick in texas while he was doing a comedy routine its funny but still its fucked up cuz you can tell hes scrared i couldnt post the link its on youtube i was hoping somebody else could
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    I don't know how to embed video, but theres the link.

    You can tell the whole audience is a bunch of stupid fucking hicks. Shit like this pisses me off, I know Pauly Shore isn't very funny and he's washed up, but he doesn't deserve that shit.

    *edi* Ah, I see I was beat to it.
  4. Its always funny to see someone get stuck..
  5. Calm down, buddddddddeh!!!
  6. not really ..shore looked like he obviously wanted to peace out and wasn't going to make a joke out of it, the guy could have easily beat the shit outta him the kid was harmless

    asshole audience corn cobs up there ass or something
  7. That sucks... I was always a big Pauly Shore fan... Sucks that he kinda dropped off the face of the world... Dumb ass hicks...
  8. lol... he shouldnt have talked all that shit in the beginning..
  9. damn, what's with comedians these days. But, they should have gotten security out earlier, or alteast a damn hick audience could have stepped in. It's pretty funny he just tells the whole audience they can fuck themselves.
    Not much of a fan of this guy, but still not cool to knock em out like that
  10. Yeah, who do comedians think they are talking shit?
  11. That's the comedians job damnit... Lol leave him a lone and let him do his job, by the way calling someone "Hoss" is a little different than getting an undeserved fist to the dome. Not cool.
  12. damn right if i was there and that motherfucker was smaller i woulda kicked his ass for pauly and i dont even like his act but i bet paulys got some killer bud
  13. "Dood stop, stop stop. I'm sorry bro"

    LMAO! Pauley Shore should have stood up for himself...
  14. wikipedia said that the security guard who took the guy off stage told the local sherif or someone higher up that it was set up before the show and that pauly wasn't hurt. Lol, good publicity stunt i guess, since his carear hasn't exactly been booming lately.
  15. damn had me fooled
  16. that doesn't say much about your taste :rolleyes:
  17. It really looked like a fake to me, the way Pauly turned his head before he got hit. But either way I hate hicks.
  18. Or maybe it just shows that I like a lot of different things... Not just the typical shit that everyone thinks is funny... Sheesh... Why you care anywayz?
  19. bong reviews that comment wasnt needed.
    but pauly used to be so fucking funny, i still watch In the Army now every once ina while.

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