Paul vs Obama... Well, almost!

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    Sens. Paul, Lee Sign Letter Telling Obama to Speed Afghan Pullout

    Pushing Obama to get out of Afghanistan. So, if he hasn't by elections, and we can get some actual coverage of the story, hmm, Obama isn't seeming like such a great choice anymore... :wave::D:wave:

    Although hopefully people can put Rand Paul and his father together on their own, cause you can bet the news will conveniently forget to mention that part of the story...:mad::confused:
  2. Man, I hate Obama.

    And all those GOP candidates that support the war as well. I mean, at this point, if you support any of these neoconservatives that want to continue over-extending the military and waging war in far away lands, you essentially support the killing of innocent people, or at least don't care about it.

    I almost wish there was a war here in America, with bombs dropping on OUR cities and killing OUR civilians. Then maybe we wouldn't be so complacent to sit idly by while these atrocities happen overseas. And then maybe some people would start to get a fucking clue why the world hates us.

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