Paul BLart VS. OBserve And REport

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  1. i finally watched paul blart yesterday and i was thinking the movies were similar. Both the main girls in the movie looked just aliked.

    OBserve and Report B-

    I watched it high and thought it was good. kinda of dragged on but was good. I think it wud be bad if i wasn.t high. Ive never walked out of a movie theater wishing i was less high:smoking::smoking: Story line was preety crazy to hand along with it.

    Paul Blart B
    i wanst high for this won but it was preety good. kind of boring sometimes but i think better than Observe an d Report. Better story line.

    SmOkE wEeD eVeRyDaY!!!!!!:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. I saw Paul Blart high and thought it SUCKED, but that's just my opinion. I haven't seen Observe & Report yet and don't really intend on it anytime soon. Both story lines are kinda corny to me anyway
  3. I have yet to watch observe and report. I do enjoy may of the movies Seth Rogen is in (especially ones written by him)...

    To be honest, the previews for Paul Blart looked kind of dumb and I don't intend on watching it anytime soon.
  4. both were pretty god awful, i wouldnt waste my time
  5. dude observe and report was the funniest shit i've seen high in a long long time
  6. I have to agree with some others and say that "Paul Blart" was terrible. Aside from maybe 2 or 3 moments, it was one of those flicks that just made you uncomfortable or embarassed for the actor on screen. Kinda' like Jamie Kennedy's movies....

    Anyway, I haven't seen "Observe and Report", but my brother said it was good, so I think we'll wait for the DVD.
  7. im a big heffernan fan i mean i fucking love king of queens... prolly my favorite comedy thats not a cartoon

    but i was disappointed by paul blart...

    i havent seen observe and report and prolly wont till its on hbo
  8. seen both movies couple times
    imo paul blart blew goats
    observe and report on the other hand was some funny ass shit
  9. Observe and Report all the way. It's not even close.
  10. Observe and Report was pretty hilarious IMO, especially with the heroin addict mexican guy who befriends seth rogen, haha:D
  11. I try not to be snobbish but...

    Paul Blart is one of those movies that looks so dumb I can't help but feel intellectually superior to those who like it...

    I havnt seen observe and report, and although I don't think it sounds all that interesting it seems like it would be a bit smarter comedy than Paul Blart.
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    First you are comparing a PG rated movie to an R rated movie so obviously Observe and Report will have better comedy...:rolleyes:

    Second, both movies are HORRIBLE imo. Mall Cop is just a retarded kids movie and I'm so sick of Seth Rogen at this point, he's so overrated.
  13. i thought observe and report was fucking hilarious..especially at the end with the gun...and the part when hes doing all the drugs lol

    paul blart looked like a fucking retarded movie...not even going to waste my time on that shit
  14. I for one enjoyed Paul Blart.
  15. i enjoyed was kiddyish and the other was more adult themed.
  16. paul blart = D, stupid middle school comedy.

    observe and report = B, more adult comedy especially baked.

    It wasn't seth rogens best movie but it was certainly better than that fat fuck from king of queens.
  17. i actually really liked Paul Blart, watched some of observe and report but shut it off half way through.
    I didn't know untill today that kevin james ( guy from paul blart / king of queens ) has been doing some MMA training with randy couture :p

    [ame=]YouTube - Kevin The King of Queens James Vs Randy The Natural Couture[/ame]

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