Paul Banks Information Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by BuddhistBrian, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Some people don't know very much about the great Paul Banks, in order for the inside joke to be universal, all citizens of the universe must learn about Paul Banks.

    So do your part and write everything you know about Paul Banks, you can copy paste from wikipedia but make sure no one else before you has the same information.
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  2. Partying with Paul Banks right now.

    Same old, same old. :cool:
  3. Someone ucking tell me. Is it that musician?!?? I need to fucking know.
  4. I blew fucking nugs with Paul Banks!!!
  5. You and Paul Banks blew some dude names Nugs? interesting....
  6. Who the donkey dick is Paul banks?!?!
  7. My name is Nugs...

    Ranger Smith and Paul Banks have blown me several times...
  8. All i know is the man blows mad nugs
  9. Bump for paul banks
  10. Paul banks and ranger smith are mentioned in my sig :cool:

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