Patty B's first grow

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    What up everyone!

    This is my first grow so please don't be afraid to give me some advice and opinions. My ladies are all from clone and have been in soil for 4 days now.


    2 purple kush
    2 trainwreck
    2 purple sea


    2' 4 bulb t5 (about 100w) I am going to buy one more on friday so it will be a total of 200w for the veg cycle running 18/6.

    Ill probably buy either a 400w or 600w hps from htg supply later on.


    Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with some perlite


    None yet. I will add some in another week or so since the soil already has nutes in it.

    Purple Kush


    Purple Sea
  2. Very Nice looking clones. I got my 600watt complete setup for mine from HTG supply. I ended up getting rid of the hood cause it was garbage, for a air cooled one.

    Defiantly gonna need some more light on them ladies though but I'm sure you figured that out. What kind of ventilation are you running?

    Keep us posted good luck.
  3. I have an oscillating fan running right now. I will add an inline fan and carbon filter when they get to the flowering stage.
  4. Day 10

    still vegging under the same light. will get more light as soon as i get some damn money. I also topped them today. im really looking froward to getting some good nugs from this.


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