Patriots look scary

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  1. This team looks like the best team in football tonight. When they want to move the ball they just spread 'em out and let Brady slang. They have the ultimate combination of WR's with a great deep threat in Randy Moss, a great possesion WR that breaks tackles with Wes Welker and another deep threat on the other side with Stallworth. PLUS a tight end that can stretch the feild.

    Their offense looks incredible when they try to move the ball.

    They are up 24-0 at half. SD is driving now with their first possesion in the 2nd half.
  2. For some reason I was thinking 'Patriot Missile' when I read the title to this.

  3. *cough* cheaters *cough*
  4. The Patriots are amazing...our receivers were lacking last season and now we have so many different weapons: Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Thomas...

    Yeah, the camera scandal is embarassing, but fuck all these has-been players coming out and saying that they would have won Super Bowls and stuff if the Patriots hadn't cheated (which they can't even prove has been going on that far back)

    BTW, Moss just scored a TD as I typed that last sentence

    Go Patriots
  5. Everyone in the league most likely cheats in some manner or another, Patriots just got caught. Regardless they are steamrolling a very good team in the Chargers and definately look like the strongest team in the NFL, hands down. Fun to wach too. Even if its a runaway.
  6. No i dont think every team in the league is blantantly videotaping the other teams defensive play calling signals.

    patriots digust me and anything they do this year and in the previous years mean very little to me.

  7. I would say everything your team has done in the last few years means very little to me too, except that would be an impossible statement, as it would imply that your team actually HAS done anything in the previous few years.
  8. }

    i agree, slightly...however other teams may not be blatanly videotaping shit but theres always been back table shit in every pro sport leauge...

    however i love the pats, always that might be england, its the sox and pats everywhere...

  9. Thats what I'm saying- and I'm not even into sports.

    I respected the patriots and everything they have done since Belichick joined- until this recent event.

    Patriots and all the sucess doesn't mean shit unless they can prove they didn't cheat.

    We already KNOW they would resort to that. Hard to say they didn't cheat right?


    Its definately all about respect- and how anyone can still respect this team after that is beyond me. I mean- they tried to CHEAT in a professional league.

    EDIT 2::

    And for all those who say that their is no proof that they cheated before-

    I have a single scenario to put yourselves in:

    You are the defensive coordinator for an opposing team- would you change your signals after hearing about this?

    Picture what it does to the coaches and players.

    You have to assume the worse- that they did cheat.

    Once a cheat- always a cheat
  10. It easy to win games when you know what defense is being called.

    Any people always wondered how the Patriots were able to always win with very little talent and while staying well below the salary cap.

    Its OK. Belichick didnt get suspended because Bob Kraft and Roger Goodall are golf buddies.
  11. I use to have a lot of respect for Belichick and the Patriots, even though im a Dolphin/Bengal fan. I cant

    even watch them play on Sunday's now.. they fucking disgust me. Belichick disgusts me. Their organization

    disgusts me. Rodger Goodell had the chance to come down hard on Belichick and he didnt. He is supposed

    to be the "new sheriff in town." WTF was he thinking. The Pats clearly violated the respected rules and

    policies of the wasnt just petty stuff either. God knows how long they have been doing it and how

    many games they have won because of it. The punishment was too light and Rodger Goodell, for all his

    tough law and order talk, has shown that he is another sports commissioner who acts more in the interests

    of the owners than the league. FUCK THE PATRIOTS.

  12. Exactly. Actually he just took into account his personal relationship with the Patriots organization.

    He gave a cowboys assistant coach.. a 5 game suspension for using HGH. Now that could be an interpretation of the rule.. I cant believe they suspended a coach for using a banned substance..

    but taking 500,000$ of a 4.3 million dollar a year contract.. thats fucking peanuts to Belichick. and im sure the fine will be reimbursed to him via Bob Kraft

    EDIT- I too had a lot of respect for the Patriots before this. No wonder they were always a step ahead.
  13. Your all fucking fools for calling the Patriots cheats and denying theyre raw talent. Some of you dont even watch/ know the game, so your just talkin out your asses.

    How much would that do for them if they had the signals? Not to much. I guarante if you gave the fucking Texans your god damn play book and told them what you were running, they couldnt stop the Patriots. "Signals" only do soo much. Its the individual players, playing as a whole, that win or loose games.

    PLUS as the rules state " You cannot visualize the opponents signals and USE THEM IN THE SAME GAME". They were not using and signal information for that game. What they would do is take the signals and photographs of where they line up, so they could compare the two for an upcomming game. Its no differant then reviewing a regular video tape of the game.

    Sure, the Pats found a loop-hole in the rules that shouldnt have been there. It was only boarder line cheating. IMO, nothing more than when a line man holds a guy so the RB can get through, and getting caught. The league is only making such a deal about this because MANY teams do it, they just havnt been caught. So therefor they're making an example and taking away a draft pick plus a fine.

    Complete Bullshit to doubt the Patriots skills in this season, or previous seasons.
  14. Every team in the NFL (and even in baseball w/ catcher's signs) tries to figure out the signals of the other team. The Pats were just stupid enough to video tape it. And after tonight, I don't think we needed to be taping anything :D

  15. You obviously dont know shit about football if you dont realize the advantages gained.

    Simply knowing whether a defense is playing man to man or playing zone can make a huge difference. in man to man coverage, you know if 1 guy gets free, hes gone. in zone, you simply drop back and look where the holes are. with man to man coverage, the linebacker is covering the running back, that means the little screen will be there.. how often did the pats do that little dump off to the running back.

    quit defending cheaters.. they were caught last year doing this by Greenbay. its something they have probably done since Belichick got there. and they disgust me.

    Fuck the Patriots.
  16. Very little talent? This is the NFL. Their really is no such thing as "very little talent" when refering to any player in this league. Thats boarderline retarded. The Patriots have an abundance of talent in their roster, arguably the best coaching staff ever, and regardless of recent events are the greatest franchise to play the game, ever. Not even going to start with how good of a quarterback Brady is because its too easy.


    Yea- Brady must find it easy knowing the defense as well.

    I now wonder why he never played until Belichick came along (I mean if he is so good)- maybe Brady was willing to play Belichicks kinda football.
  18. You dont know shit! haha

    Your just mad because the Patriots DISTROYED dalas when they played. Your team disgust me by the lack of talent. Your just crying because your team doesnt win, so are the rest of you.

    Ya'll cant comprehend how good the Patriots really are, so you try to make excuses. Which are REDICULOUS btw.

    Take tonights game for example. The Patriots DISTROYED the Chargers. Fuckin blowout. Now the Pats were on LOCKDOWN hardcore for this game. There is ABSOLUTLY no way they could/ would have cheated....And look at the outcome.

    Point Proven. Suck it up, baby
  19. OK well dont take what i say literally. But I think everyone knows what im talking about.. New England has always had a questionable supporting cast. quit trying to use the internet and literal wording to base an agrument.

  20. Perfect example of avoiding the argument at hand.

    You sound like you're 12 here- we are not arguing whose team is better.

    Just the fact that the Patriots did infact cheat.

    Many times.

    Before they got caught.

    They are cheaters.

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