Patriots are cheaters.

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. besides what we already know. Goodall has ordered the Patriots to hand over all the illegally obtained video and now AUDIO

    they are now investigating claims by the Jets that Patriots defensive line players were wearing recording devices to record the at-the-line audibles.

    This is crazy. I will provide a link as soon as I can find one. I just saw the breaking news on espn and its not up on their website yet.

    Patriots are fucking disgusting. way to win 3 tainted rings.

    Brett Farve's Comments-

    Hines Ward- "Its pretty obvious:
  2. So what if there cheaters there still the best team in the league. They'll probably go underfeated this season.
  3. Belicheck looked so ashamed of himself at last nights press conference, all he would say is "i misinterpretted the rules" then when they ask how he misinterpretted them he wont say anything, its obvious the the pats did some pretty shady shit, that they're embarrassed of and dont want people to know about
  4. having a team wear wires is shady for both parties. its one thing to memorize what plays the opposing team is going to do. imo thats fine, but wires c'mon.

  5. Thats so wrong I dont even know where to begin. If you cheat it doesnt matter as long as you are good? Does that even make sense?
  6. You wanna see shady refs? Watch ANY giants game, haha.

    But yeh, I'm in favor of hangin' them. All in favor?

  7. Stop making threads about this shit, we fucking know. I hate them, but I recognize they're still a great team. The last thread about the Pats turned into a flamefest, and it still is.
  8. They might win the Super Bowl this year, but they aren't going undefeated.
  9. iv said it once, im saying it again, FUCK THE PATS. I never liked them
  10. Belicheck should be banned from the NFL IMO.

    I don't care how "good" everyone thinks he is,

    he is a proven cheater.

    And if he cannot interpret a simple, clearly spelled out rule- well he's pretty ignorant.

    From an article on this very subject.


  11. Don't you think them cheating kind of prevents them from actually being the best team in the league?

    I mean, hell, I'm sure if all the other teams cheated too, they could be just as good.
  12. its all about the Raiders anyways ;)
  13. Patriots dont suck at all.. this thread is a joke.....

    Almost all teams use some form of monitoring i wouldnt put it passed any NFL coach if you could know your opponents friggen plays...Belichick is just an idiot and gets caught, flame him all you like..its the TEAM im talking about

    The Patriots have owned the past 5 seasons and i believe it to be WITHOUT cheating or any use of a tape.. The pats absolutely raped the Chargers Sunday night... There is no doubt in my mind this team is not a pack of cheaters.. Ther a dynasty baby, and i dare anyone to say there team is better
  14. ^^

    I don't watch football...but I'd say ANY team is better than one that
  15. The biggest problem that I have with the Patriots organization is their complete lack of respect for the game of football. They diddnt find a loophole.. they fucking cheating and violated the rules and policies of the game. It was not petty so dont make it out to be either. I dont care if they suspended Belicheck for 3-4 games, fined the owner, and also made Belicheck pay 1/3 of his yearly salary. There is no penalty that, IMO, will ever serve justice to their disgustful actions (well, atleast we wont ever see justice). I used to have a lot of respect for the Pats and especially for Belicheck but after this shit went down I dont think I will ever watch them on TV again. I played 6 years of football.. love the game passionately. I have to much respect for the game and when I see others, like the Pats organization, commit such disgustful, disgraceful crimes against the game.. my natural response is "FUCK EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR." Belicheck should not be eligible for the Hall of Fame and have to weep every night about it just as Pete Rose cries and pleads for MLB Hall of Fame eligibility. Thats my opinion on this issue
  16. Once again, I must repeat myself, I HATE the pats. But did they cheat in yesterday's game? No. They TORE up the chargers(i'm a chargers fan myself), and the chargers are one of the best teams in the league. They have talent, and as much as i'd love for someone to knock them out in the first or second round of the playoffs, they'll most likely make it to the superbowl again.
  17. All the teams do it in one form or another, and if you don't think so you're kidding yourself. Jon Gruden said, "I can't believe we're even talking about this." They seemed to take care of the San Diego Chargers okay, even though LT was so elated about the whole Spygate scandal. We'll just see how badly the Patriots fare without their cheating ways. I'm not worried.
  18. if they were the best team then why would they cheat haha, that makes a lot of sense :rolleyes:
  19. So many of you guys are missing the point here.

    Do they have talent? Yes. Probably the best talent in the league. Will they make the playoffs...most likely. Who cares. That is not the issue at hand here so all you pats fans can quit avoiding the argument. What I'd like to hear from an intelligent pat fan is what you think they deserve in terms of punishment. Your coach has already pleded guilty to the charges of cheating and apparently there are even more charges being brought up. Should the penalities have been more harsh or less harsh? Most importantly... DEFEND your argument. If you think the penalities were to steep then state why you think that.

    All I have heard from EVERY SINGLE Pat fan is "oh yea.. well we have a lot of talent..were going to the playoffs." Well.. thats not what were talking about. Think of something better to say.
  20. I believe Roger Goodell's decision to strip New England of a first round draft pick if they reach the playoffs is fair. That could hurt us if there are some good players entering the draft.

    I think the $750,000 fine ($500,000 from Belichick and $250,000 from the team) is also fair.
    Although I still love the Patriots and do believe that all the teams do this in one way or another, the whole thing was very embarassing and I think that Belichick should've been suspended for a game. It was an arrogant thing to do, especially after reportedly having been warned for doing it before.

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