patriotism root of all racism ???

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mooglekexin, Apr 9, 2003.


am i right ???

  1. ... you are right !!!

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  2. ... fool no my (insert country)'s ass is gonna kick yours

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  3. i see where you are coming from, but i dunno

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  4. mooglekexin, you are a shoddy digit clone

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  1. if we all didnt care about where we were born would this wipe out racism ???
  2. i thought about making a multiple choice but ther would be too many digit ones and i woulda cried
  3. It's more like the other way around, racism often decribed or disguised as patriotism, ya know?

  4. well i consider racism to stem from fear of the unknown, it think patriotism is too complex to be the root of racism
  5. definitely not the root of ALL racism, but I'm sure it's responsible for a lot of it!
  6. i didnt mean all (well i didnt mean to type it anyway, it just "happened"), just the majoriity

  7. this makes more sense than anything I would think to come from this question...
    love and devotion to your country isnt the root of racism. think if you were to pick up the globe, shake it and where the chips land...there would still be racism, in one form or nieghbor, loving his country may not agree with my white skin.

    Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned...everywhere is war-Bob Marley

  8. heh...i'm just really nitpicky today thats all :p

    must be the lack of chron...
  9. yes it is too simple to think in terms of genes ,but to think in terms of,l will defend my land from???the mind boggles my friends .fear is thy worst enemy.Fear not my friends from me .l have been there and l hate war and killing .its just seem,s strange but l would kill to save the innocent.and feel l have done no wrong.
  10. drunk and stoned off my face .No more killing please.l don,t care what excuse ya,all want to put up this week .Please stop killing innocent people.l know its not the Americian publics fault but please make bush him out .never for his like to return.Sorry guys.l fucking hate war and killing and what happens when the soldiers get home.just a drunken thought ,lol.p.s. edit ,lol. With venom.
  11. yes ,l think your right with the way goverment whip up propergander and the masses follow.Thats polotics my friend.Finding the truth is the hard bit ,lol.The real truth not just yours or mine ,lol.:D.
  12. vote him out ...........I'm not sure but I don't think we voted him in. So now what?
  13. i dont think patriotism is the route of all racism at all. racism in my opinion, stems from ignorance, indefference and fear.

    everyone has the right to be proud of his or her country but if they want to use patriotism as a vice for racism then that is of their own evil doing, not the pride of one's nation.
  14. LOL! [​IMG] hehe... digit clone.

    the way i see it, it generally works like this:

    Stage 1> Patriotism -> Stage 2> Zenophobia -> Stage 3> Racism. ...
    ....stage 4? destruction.

    ... but this is not a hard and fast rule... you can get unpatriotic racists, and un patriotic zenophobes. But generally theres a gateway theory (a much more real one than the one we r all familiar with) at work here. most patriots are at least trying to be nice people, who have ther hearts in the right place.... zenophobes are worse as they simply "think" they've got their hearts in the right place, but are linded by their fear of the unknown... ....racists.... dont get me fucking started on racists.

    a great source of ancient wisdoms tells us that "Seperation is the path to destruction" and i happen to agree with that.
  15. oh yeah, forgot about religion, i think that too... damn word choice... didnt mean all, just a large factor.

    was it you digit who said i was a shoddy clone ??? or someone too ashamed to admit it !!!
  16. not me...

    you're your own man.
  17. I was thinking I'd just leave my earlier comment alone, but seeing as so many people have replied to this thread, I thought I should amend my stupidity, which is largely similar to Moogle's lapse in concentration. It's pretty obvious that patriotism isn't the root of ALL racism, but it does play a part.

    There are two kinds of patriotism, the kind where you discriminate against others because their country isn't as 'good' as yours, and the kind that makes me put the St. Andrew's cross and the lion rampant on my roof!
  18. i hear ya chickenwing.

    love of your homeland compared to the beleif that your homeland is best and others are somewhat inferior.

    it is this latter that has closer ties with zenophobia, and consequently racism.

    but racism jumps many definitions here. there could be a person of a different "ethnic backgraound"* who's family have lived in a country for generations and then have to deal with "patriotic" zenophobic racists giving them shit and tellin them to "go back to where they came from"!

    *fuck do i hate that term

    i think my theory on this works better backwards.
    the logic is far more solid then.

    All racists are zenophobes. All zenophobes are patriotic. therefor all racists are patriotic. but not all Patriots are racist or zenophobic.

    still... the whole thing makes more sence than the gateway theory that cannabis use leads to harder drugs use. (a product of prohibition)
  19. hmm.. i just read what i posted earlier...

    this is basically the same... just the revised edition. ;p
  20. that logic seems to hold true but a guy I once knew told me that he was going to start his own 'real' country once all the race wars started that he was sure were going to happen (he was racist btw).

    there simply can't be any direct correlation here because every person has their own reasons for feeling whatever way they do, some use reason and others justification

    but of course you could just consider justification to be reason after the fact

    trying to pinpoint such problems in the first place causes problems in itself, when a problem is clouded in oversimplification it becomes much harder to solve.

    however I can say at the least that patriotism and religion have been responsible for some of the best and worst things throughout history. racism and xenophobia have only lead to bad ends

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