patriot act vs constitutional rights

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  1. The constitution is slowly being altered. Not directly, but with such things passed like the patriot act, its only time before other things are taken away unconstitutionally.

    Whats your take?

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  2. I've seen this coming for years, and I think they will keep regulating things further and further, and taking away constitutional rights for our 'safety'. Then the us government will proceed to make the us a police state. Get ready kids its gonna be a rough ride that's for sure!
  3. nahh if the US becomes a police stay ill become a doemstic terroist.
    But sometimes the constitution has to be change a lil to keep up with the times.
  4. Very, very few things, if any at all, should be changed in The Constitution. The men that wrote it were very careful to make it timelessly applicable.

    For example, that's why the 2nd Amendment says we have the right to keep and bear arms, not muskets and flintlock pistols, because they wanted it to be relevant to the ever-changing times.

    These guys weren't idiots...they had just liberated themselves from a tyrannical government, and wanted future generations to have the same freedoms. Now it seems like nobody gives a shit about being free, all they want is their new iPhone or some other useless crap that doesn't actually matter.
  5. ^^ Agreed, your founding fathers knew what they were doing.
  6. Unfortunately were headed back to where we escaped from as far as the laws go.. and the choices us Americans actually have or at least how it feels.
  7. did you know the US government is more tyrannical than the british empire our founding fathers escaped from? we have it worse then they had but we still just watch tv and browse facebook all day. as James said we are a nation of cowards who will give up our hard earned liberty for a little safety. after 911 they said the brown terrorists wanted to end our freedom hence all these bills destoying our freedom. see how that worked? what do you define as tyranny? because having a guy finger your asshole at the airport, having the government listening to all our phone calls, and throwing people in prison indefinetly without trial is what tyranny is.
  8. quote of the century
  9. "Beneath the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me"-Winston(1984)
    Unfortunately everyday we grow closer to an Orwellian society. I wonder if there will be a tipping point where the people say enough is enough or will we go out with a whimper
  10. I completely agree with you guys. But what is there to do we cant just go and shoot up govt buildings and stuff to take back our freedoms it wont work nowadays we would just be arrested or shot on site by military or police
  11. It's about playing the game but bending the rules to your favor a little. It's not gonna be a raging river that washes them out, but a bunch of little drops that will wipe the old system away

  12. First of all yes the government is weaker then we are. Out of 311million americans 200 million own guns. But that is a very last resort, once most of the people wake up and I mean really wake the fuck up then it will be that much easier. Its not so easy though for a place like china to revolt because even if you got a big enough movement 100 million chinese isn't a lot there's over 1 billion of them. plus once you have troops walking through the streets and the people have no weapons its pretty much over.
  13. You're right on point.

    Anyone remember when Obama was talking to Medvedev, and said "I'll have more flexibility after this election"? This was when they were talking about arms treaties. Huge red flag. And then almost immediately after he's elected, some crazy fucker shoots a bunch of kids, pulling on the heart strings of Americans, getting them to support gun control.

    It seems to be working. China has also expressed that they want US citizens disarmed. Why? It has to make you wonder..

    All throughout history, when mass killings take place, it's usually after the nation's citizens have been disarmed.

    Last summer I got all freaked out and paranoid over those supposed FEMA camps. I wrote it off, and just forgot about it. Now, though, it actually seems plausible that they could be used for the people who resist when they try to take guns away. Obama has even acknowledged that there will be resistance. He hasn't stated what he plans to do about it yet, but why would he?

    I obviously can't say for sure if any of this will happen - no one knows for sure. It just seems like the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, and I don't like how the picture looks so far. If something DOES go down, I hope the American people are ballsy enough to stand up and claim their freedom.
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    The only way i can see us taking our freedom back would be another civil war which i couldnt see happening until it comes down to those corrupt military and police actually going door to door trying to take our guns. I think that will be the turning point where people actually want to stamd up for their rights and at that point we would unite as our ancestors did and retake our country. That is if it even goes that far for all we know they coukd throw this gun control shit out the window whenever. The govt knows it would not end pretty and i think if it got as tyrannical as it sounds the military and police would not even back them up resulting in a bunch of rich old pussies tryin to take over the country which would be a stupid move on their part

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