Patience or start over? Germinating from starter plug..

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  1. Hi guys,

    so I'm a bit curious if I'm just being impatient or if I killed my 2 seedlings.

    i had read I could germinate straight from the starter plug in a dwc system so I just dropped my seeds into the the pre-moistened plugs and surrounded them with hydroton and let em go with one 125w 6500k CFL that's at least 6-8 inches above them until they pop up a bit a need light.

    It's been about 4 hours shy of 6 days now since I dropped these seeds in. one seed that initially sprouted its tap root 1st, I believe sprouted it upwards and then had to cuve itself downards into the starter plug.. I'm wondering if this had it exposed to light and killed it because it's been several days since i've been seeing this tap root and it has not popped its little head up.

    the other seedling that is closest to my exhaust had no tap root still about 24+ hrs after the 1st one pushed out, and I noticed the starter plug was much dryer than the other so I doused it with some water. The next day it looked like the tap root sprouted and went down into the plug.. this was about 2-3 days ago though as well now.. this one concerns me not from light hitting the tap root but because it seems to dry out quicker I have had to wet it about once a day or so(and have read not to water seedlings after you do the paper towel method and drop them into soil).

    the starter plug is not sticking out of the net pot at all and the water level is touching the bottom hydroton so I don't know what I could be doing wrong there. I decided to swap net pots today and see how one dries out over the other.

    I'll take some pictures if I don't have any progress by morning or if you guys say you can't tell me anything without them.. getting paranoid though :(
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    Ok this is what happen when u put them in the plug they were upside down and thats y u seen the main root come up and go back down its tryin to pull the top up. But yes just wait pull it up just a lil so that it will not be sooo wet during the day u want it to be just moist to the touch u kno. If u have a spray bottle even better cause u can lift it a lil like I said and water it wit ur spray bottle til the roots drop out the bottom u will see at bottom of hydro pot. Bit next time all u have to do to make 100% sure that ur plant is ready is get 3 paper towels and a plate and plastic bag. 1) put one of the paper towels on the plate and spray wit water put seeds on paper towel and cover wit other paper towels and spray till all the towels r wet (but not dripping) 2) place plate in plastic bag fold over but don't seal completely so that air can pass in and out 3) check every day to make sure still moist should take 3'days to pop fully when they do 4) dig small hole deep enough to cover the root ( just the root ) not the seed top this will make it grow faster seeing that it will be fully able to take in the light u give it any more ? Just hit me up
  3. Ok now yea u still have to water them but will spray like 3 times a day as the seedling pops out the ground and starts to grow it's goin to dry out that is good it means ur median dose not hold a lot of water but along ad u dont leave it dry for too long u will be fine to have healthy roots they need tondry out and get wet also so they can take on the food u give them just keep doin what ur doin the number 1 rule in growin is to believe in urself u kno ;) hit me up halla!!!
  4. okay the seedling that was NOT upside down popped up today and sprouted its first leaves. the seed is still attached but I'm too scared to try and pull it off right now and will give it another day to gain strength and try to shed it itself.

    the seedling that was obviously put upside down by the way teh tap root came out and went down is still in the starter plug but I can see the greenish part of where it turns from root to stem and I think it just needs more strength to 'unbend' itself out of the starter plug hole.

    gonna wait for this other one to pop out and lower my 125w cfl. NON-UPDATED pic of the inside here:

    the one currently popping up is the one on the right side towards the lowest point of the light... should I swap the net pots?
  5. I'm overwhelmed with joy over the green leaves I do see though :) distracting me from work, I keep going back to my box and staring at it through the intake
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    How do u post pics so I can show u my plants
  8. i think most people do it though like accounts at photobucket and flickr and what not. I just have some hosting space at an old video game site so I host them there.
  9. update, I figured it's been long enough with the cfl only now that I'm on day 8 even though the curled guy still has not poked out. he looks like he's curled like a spring inside that starter plug but it finally looks like it's getting the seeded/leafy part to the top. really confident i'll have it a cm or two above the surface by morning.

    adding the 50w HPS light in addition to the 125w 6500k CFL has increased the temp as I expected, less room and the 6500k cfl is much closer to the plants... which is why I'm tollerating the temp increase, I don't want the one that's there to stretch.

    the seedling that IS above ground looks like the first 2 'pointy' non-starter leaves I swear have grown twice in size in just a few hours. am sitting at 93 degrees though now. will try to chill out the house a bit to keep it closer to 90.
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    Try to keep it at a 75-85 temp rang for the fastest growth but if u have it above 95 temp it will kill ur plants so be carefull but ye that sucks I wanted to post and show mine it's 5 wks flower and it is frosty as hell I love it and it has a real sweet tangerine smell
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    broke ground 48+ hrs ago veg:

    broke ground last night:

    it's been about 90 degrees with the 2nd light. as you can see it's very close but they seem to like it.

    edit: i made a DIY co2 generator last night and have been letting it bubble into a cup of water to see how much it actually makes... it's pretty weak but I'll prolly poke a hole in the air filter for the cool mist humidifier and run it through that ducting so it just dumps it out on to the plants. will be ditching this thread for a real grow journal tomorrow.
  12. Sweet keep the light close to the plants be not to brun if u can hold ur hand were the top of ur plant is 4 a min r more then ur fine but I will be lookin for ur new post and I will try to find out how to post lol see u then
  13. I already noticed the real set of leaves curling up towards the light. That's a sign of heat stress. Definitely try to cool it down in there.
  14. I don't see any thing wrong just keep doing what u r it's goin to pick up fast just do feed them too much food right off give them a week then give it to them but at right amount
  15. O and here r mine
    The first is my bubblegummer 3wks veg.
    Sec. Is my purple maroc & tangerine dream both 1 1/2 wks
    Third Is tangerine dream 5 wks flower

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  16. Yea the new pics look good. Maybe I was referencing a different pic.
  17. Yea they r my babes u seen hers they r younger

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