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Discussion in 'General' started by mashcat, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. I am a complete virgin to the computer and need to be told how all this stuff you put in your threads is done.I have mastered one finger typing and am usually very good at spelling when stoned so i'm getting there.If you are bored at all and have nothing better to do please give me the basics that I need to know,speak english not computer language please.Ahhhhh bless me cotton socks.
  2. ya seem to have mastered the art of posting.
    to attach a picture use your browse button at the bottom, pic needs to be a certain size though....(that goes for anything you might want to load from your files or computer)
    uuum smilies just type them in...
    fancy smilies, find a cool smily page copy the smiley link and paste.

    hope this helps some
  3. Thanks I managed to post a cool cat picture somewhere but I can't remember.oops!
  4. i think its below this
  5. Yeah I did it in someones thread very rude of me really.It is a nice pic though.
  6. er um im confused, i believe the kitty giviving the finger is in another thread by you :D = your thread and not rude, aaaand once someone trows an animal pic in a thread theres bound to more..=also not rude
  7. It's also in pandora's box in the crazy neighbours thread I found it.Sorry to confuse you.Happy tokes to you.
  8. thats okay, its not difficult to confuse me.
    dont worry too much about a pic in another persons thread unless its totally unapproatedly (even a word?) related. though you gotta watch for posting the same posts/pics in multiple threads.
  9. At the mo I am waiting for my bf to stop chatting and light up joint.He has so much energy it's like living with zebedee,you know from the magic round-about.

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