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Pathetic Pot Smoker's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I am so tired of this fucking show Beyond scared straight....Every kid they have says something like "I started smoking pot....Then I started stealing and joined a gang"..

    If your a thief please keep your pot smoking to yourself and tell no one!!...It makes the rest of us look bad.

    If you are a shitty person in general and reps smoking weed...Please fucking dont!..

    Im so tired of old people saying to me...."well a lot of kids I see smoke pot end up stealing and doing harder drugs"

    weed had nothing to do with them stealing..That was probably peer pressure from others,or Hes a shit person,Or both!
    Jesus it seems here lately that all the wrong people wanna rep it for weed!

    I mean I hate a lot of mainstream rappers just because they rep weed but also promote selling crack and treating women like hoes...I just wish when it came to marijuana people would not have a shitty person to bring up to defend there opinion that marijuana is harmful to your life!Because it is not..If anything it will enhance your life!...

    Soo please please....Thief's and hard drug dealers...Don't rep weed like your pro marijuana ...Yea go ahead and smoke up...But just don't ruin the reputation for all of us....Much love :)
  2. "I smoke weed and steal" in the background you can see a shitty trailer with lazy ass looking parents lol
  3. Yeah i know that feel, just show people youre capable of being a respectable, normal member of society that can control marijuana, thats the best you can do
  4. I agree 100%

  5. OMG yea man i know everytime I here that commercial and a kid say that I just wanna fucn smack him lol
  6. This. Lol.
  7. Well most kids who grow up in bad parts of a city first smoke with gang members, it's not pot that makes you be a retard its the people you Han with that make you a retard
  8. I totally agree! The show portrays weed as if it's some horrible drug that's the gate way to the state pen! Ridiculous that's what I think. It's the conscious bad decisions they make, joining stupid gangs and acting disrespectfully n' thinking they're invincible that get's them there. :smoking:

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