Past the pavement in CO

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TamTapFizz, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hi.
    Home. An old cabin in the forest up in the Front Range.
    I'm a shut-in by necessity, TBI and fibro. A fixed income has little elbow room but I manage.
    A German Shepherd and a cat are my everyday company.
    Cymbalta and gabapentin had near fatal side effects - resolved with a vape twice a day.
    I pray for the day cannabis is legalized nationally.
    And then the repeal of GCA 1968, simultaneous to Constitutional Carry.
    I prefer archery, myself.
  2. Greetings TamTapFizz, welcome to Grasscity. Your home sounds awesome! Lots of good folks and information here, enjoy:)
  3. I rarely see or even hear people back, up here. It helps with minimizing TBI limitations because cities completely overwhelm me after a day or so.
    Good news: Both Ed Rosenthal's Handbook and Jorge Cervantes Horticulture Bible arrived yesterday afternoon! It'll be nearly impossible to make old mistakes, and I look forward to successful albeit small grows (the last thing I want to do is get high - the head injury/TBI left cognitive functions damaged enough) of a couple of plants maybe twice a year.
  4. Welcome to the city and good luck on the upcoming grows!

    Another Colorado grower here is always a good thing
  5. Many thanks for the welcome.

    farmerjane, people think the idea of living up here, this far back is engaging, maybe even romantic. When they move here they don't last more than eighteen months, if that. By then they've likely wrecked their eco-friendly minivan and the enormous 4WD SUV that replaced it, they've begun counseling for substance abuse and credit card debt, their kids are traumatized by the complete absence of sidewalks, streetlights, and the two hour round trip for groceries - or the nearest bar - in good weather. And if you dial 911 for help, it'll probably be a minimum of half an hour. Two hours isn't unheard of with snow. :)

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