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Past Tense of Wake and Bake

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by J Dylan, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Now while this thread very well may qualify as stupid, and pointless, right now it seems funny to me, and I'd like to see what different people think.

    I've got to go with Woke and Boke ahhaha. Naw, Woke and Boke is the funniest, but I think it's definitely gotta be wake and baked. Like you turn it into one word, and just add the past participle to the end.
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  2. i would say one of the first 2. use them in a sentence and it sounds normal "yeah we waked and baked..." or something like that
  3. yeah lol, since we'll probably have a bunch of stoned people looking at this thread, I'm hoping to get some responses other than just what people think it should be, but rather... what people would like to call it the most lol.
  4. WOKE AND TOKE :smoking:
  5. here ya go, im gonna wake and bake when i get up, and for past, dude i wake and bakeD yesterday

  6. hahah, good one. that's why i put the other up there lmfao

    "woked and toked"
  7. "Dude we woke up and then we blazed up, nukka."

    I'm gonna have to go with waked and baked.
  8. Haha woke and boke baby
  9. Definetly woke and boke ;)
  10. Hahahahahahaha, awesome. I always think about this too.
  11. Grammatically speaking, it's woke and baked, but I say wake and baked.
  12. lmfao Danimal i love the sig.
  13. Fuckin right dude woke n boke, I thought I made that shit up! It has kind of evolved into woke and toke though for me.
  14. This is a good one.

    I think: Woke and baked. Not really. Maybe. But I'm going with Wake and Baked. I'm baked.
  15. Actually, it's not a pointless thread because I remember posting something like "just did a wake and bake" to avoid having to decide the proper way to post it. :p
  16. i liked waked and baked
  17. I would say wake and baked
    like "I wake and baked all last week"
    which I did:D
  18. Haha, awesome.

    How about woke and toked? :confused: :)

  19. They are different conjugations, they only rhyme in the present tense, the past makes them both be conjugated diferently
  20. Well of course, if you're voting based on grammar. hahaa

    but I mean, the phrase "wake and bake" is supposed to rhyme and flow... that's the whole point of it.

    so the question is, do we alter its grammatically correct form in the past tense to make it flow like it's supposed to? Thus: Woke and Boke? lmfao

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