Password Issues - Wont Send Reset Link?

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    i hope this is in the right place.
    i have had this account for sometime -- and i've always been logged in automatically. NOW. i can't for the life of me remember my password for this site! i had (of course) tried to send a 'reset password' link to my e-mail (which is horrible out of date, but you also need a pw to reset that too). i've tried multiple times, waited over 24 hours, and tried the 'contact us' form, but it always gives me an error that says "oops, something went wrong."
    if some who has the authority to reset my password can contact me directly through a PM here that would be great. i've been trying FOR DAYS to get this resolved with no luck.

  2. but you are logged in right? so How did you do that?
    I think you filled in the wrong fields, I've tried to get you a new password by entering your user name and it proceeded without any problems, instructions will be send to your email now, however if you have not access to your email , that it is game over. Without it you cannot reset your password. Let me know if you've succeeded resetting it now
  4. I have access to that e-mail, but it never sent me a reset link, I've waited over 24 hours. I just checked it again and still have not received anything.
    I am logged in because my password is remembered on this computer, and has been for over a year. 
    I believe it is because a while ago I tried to change my e-mail, but never confirmed with the new e-mail? This is a bit frustrating. Would you be able to change it manually and PM me the new password?
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