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  1. I have a feeling that my old roommate is possibly trying to use my identity for something and/or use my credit. She's known for a while my plan to come to my mom's after I finished school. I packed my stuff two nights ago and i drove to my mom's last night and my social security card and passport are missing.

    I called her and asked her about them and she said she had no clue, but then where the fuck are my documents? Cause i sure as hell didn't lose them somewhere because i never put them anywhere other than a bag i have for all my "important stuff", and i checked through ALL my stuff several times.

    she also has ahold of an "emergency money" card in MY name that I STUPIDLY loaned her for an "emergency" she had. Before I left, she claimed she couldn't find it, but now i'm like 95% it's bullshit because a few of my stuff is also missing. i filed a police report and was told to contact a detective, but everytime I've called, i've just gotten voicemail and left a message. sigh.

    I canceled my passport(reported it stolen) but I don't know what to do about my social security card. I also filed a complaint with the FTC and I put a fraud alert on my credit, as well as extra passwords on my credit card and bank etc.

    is there anything else I should do or am i good for now? fuck :(
  2. Just be on the lookout bro
  3. Sounds like you already covered everything I was going to advise you to do...

    You already put a fraud alert on your credit, which is very important in case she actually tries to use your identity for something.

    You can get a replacement card for free, here's how:
    Social Security Publications

    Is it possible for you to cancel or freeze the emergency money card she has?
  4. you basically did everything, YOU know where the documents are. Its obvious She stole them then got rid of them since you know now or whatever idk

  5. Thank you!
    and yes, I already canceled the card. she was supposed to pay me back like $150 she used on it, but now i'm pissed about my identity and not the money...How does a woman in her mid-30's with a child go out of her way to fuck over a 21-year-old girl? :mad:

    Do you think my driver's license and resident card would work to get a new social? i was born outside of this country and for me to get any form of identification at the DMV, my passport always had to be presented.
  6. One thing I might do is call the 3 major credit companies (transunion, experion, equifax) and have each one of them place a "credit" or "security" freeze on your account. That willl ensure that only YOU can open new accounts in your name. It might cost a tiny bit of money but it will be worth it if this girl tries taking over your identity.

  7. It says that you need to "Show evidence of your U.S. citizenship if you were born outside the United States and did not show proof of citizenship when you got your card" so you may not even have to prove citizenship.
    In that case, all you would need is an "unexpired original document with identifying information and preferably a recent photograph".

    I'm not sure exactly what qualifies as an "unexpired original document with identifying information", but you can call them at 1-800-772-1213 M-F from 7am-7pm (I'm assuming EST?).

    It's not a new social security number for the record, just a new card with your existing number.
  8. well, i made an account on the equifax website. the fraud alert I placed goes to transunion, experian, and equifax as well, so I can sign in to the account I have just made and see if my credit has been run for any reason at all whenever i want. it has an entire list of every time my credit has been checked within the past year or so, I'm guessing, and who it was (ie: chase bank, bank of america, victoria's secret credit card, etc.), so it's now fairly easy to monitor my stuff.

    It's pretty cool [​IMG] and I feel safer now. i've worked too hard for a bitch to just come fuck it up! [​IMG]

    I'm still a little worried because she now knows my social. but i don't really know what the point of stealing an identity is other than money, so hopefully i'm in the clear.

  9. thanks again! I'll stop by tomorrow, hopefully there's no problem!

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