Passion of the Christ 2

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  1. Brainstorm some ideas what it would be about. :p
  2. It would be about Jesus coming to Earth and crucifying Mel Gibson.
  3. I'm already liking where this thread is heading. :laughing:
  4. It would be called Book of Eli :p
  5. I'm sorry, I've never seen the first one.

    No, wait, I'm not sorry at all. :D

    OK, here's my suggestion...the last supper is still in the bellies of the 12 apostles, and we get to watch in gory slo-mo, footage for 2 hours of them throwing up the food that Christ had told them to consume, and had said it was as though it was his body they were eating. They are so sickened by the killing of their friend, that they go into fits of uncontrollable puking, followed by St. Vitus dancing, followed by more puking

    It turns out, it wasn't the body of christ itself, it was only some moldy beef jerky they were eating, made from a hindu sacred cow, which was infected with salmonella poisoning on the long journey to the table, from the East. They had been consuming ergot infected rye bread at the supper as well, and also some peyote buttons, along with a bit of Iboga root, plus a few purple capped mushrooms...those guys were tripping balls until the shit hit the fan!

    We can examine the 12 apostolic pukepiles up close, looking for clues as to why cannabalism got into the story in the firstplace, then try to figure out why we still celebrate ancient fables of gore and cruelty.

    We can examine the 12 individual hallucinations that each apostle experienced, as the puking of the gospels was taking place...

    "Passion(puking) Of The Christ 2: The Eucharist Strikes Back"

    "Jesus is back and he's pissed"

    "I didn't say what mood i'd be in when i came back"
    "Take that pilate"
  7. The second coming, obviously. Nuff said.
  8. guy made a pretty funny trailer on this....with chris tucker. any one got a link?
  9. Jesus becomes a pee-wee hockey coach and teaches some important lessons on the way towards the state championship
  10. I think I agree here.

    I think it could also be a porno. Passion of the Christ 2: Hung like a Savior

    I don't know...
  11. Thank you everyone, the laughs burn so good. :laughing:

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